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Ataraxia Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2003 11:26:06 PM


TARAXIA are a few artists from Italy who explore and create music, painting/images, poetry and theatre and who decided to dedicate their lives completely to art. ATARAXIA are travelling musicians mainly inspired by their actual and inner travels in places that still own the nobleness and charge of centuries, they transmit through music what they obtained by silence.


We have grown up in Medieval burgs and we carry on the 'oral tradition' of those times. We are wandering clerics and pilgrims who want to maintain memory and remembrance of all those souls cancelled by bigger event that annihilate the single. Furthermore we are craftsmen, we utilize our hands to create, to give nuances and we don't like to imprison knowledge channeling it in a specific branch. The ancient studies were adopted in many areas and they were all interconnected : music, painting, science, math, philosophy, architecture, alchemy. Sometimes we feel to be the crossroads among the Orient and Mediterranean cultures and the Northern celtic one, we are a land of meeting and translations, citizens of the world who bring the physical and spiritual signs of far different experiences and cultures.


ATARAXIA is a spiritual balance, the synonym of a state of physical and psychical perfection that is not possible to be reached by human beings. So ATARAXIA becomes a state of tension and we try to open our minds to be receptive and perceptive towards the occurrences of life. Creativity is the basis of our research.


Ancient stones and the water of the sea speak to us. For this reason we want to play and record in those places, just to hear their silent voices...........


We studied many languages, we simply pronounce other languages, what is greatly beautiful is the fascination of the sound, of different sounds and accents, the mystery of a culture that's not only our culture, the personality that each song can gain thanks to a language.


A concert is a sort of theatrical drama. The best act is always performed in an ancient place where stones and architectures give us great inspiration. Our performances usually represent our concept albums and they are not a sequence of songs but a deep research into many ways of expressing ourselves through music, words, images, theatrical and dance acts and scenographies. When music is born we begin creating the costumes of the mime/dancer who works with us and the choreographies and scenographies for the live-acts, I also have special ritual dresses. The magic created by concerts is the great exchange of energy among us and the listeners, concerts are often held in ancient places where the earth currents flow like abbeys, castles, gardens, courts, ancient palaces. We explore and travel in primeval kingdoms...


Our influences come from our roots (celtic, latin and Greek cultures), the studies we did (historical, classical, literary, anthropological), the way we have grown and how nature has decided to utilize us to express its own language. We have a medianic attitude towards art and creation. This is an unconscious gift. Creation is the way to express the divine part of the human being. In the ancient Dionisiac rituals the musician was possessed by the God of Nature who spoke through him/her. We have what you could define a mystic attitude towards life, we are unconscious channels that can vibrate expressing, translating the energy around us.


We are travelling along a path and this path had its origins in very far times. Our aim is not losing anything of what the past has given us in order to remember who we were, what we are, where we are going. Ancient spirits are still speaking.