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Devendra Banhart At the Hop Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2012 07:54:42 AM

Put me in your suitcase, let me help you pack
Cuz you're never coming back, no you're never coming back

Cook me in your breakfast and put me on your plate
Cuz you know I taste great, yeah you know I taste great

At the hop it's greaseball heaven
With candypants and archie too

Put me in your dry dream or put me in your wet
If you haven't yet, no if you haven't yet
Light me with your candle and watch the flames grow high
No it doesn't hurt to try, it doesn't hurt to try

Well I won't stop all of my pretending that you'll come home
You'll be coming home, someday soon

Put me in your blue skies or put me in your gray
There's gotta be someway, there's gotta be someway
Put me in your tongue tie, make it hard to say
That you ain't gonna stay, that you ain't gonna stay

Wrap me in your marrow, stuff me in your bones
sing a mending moan, a song to bring you home

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funny | Reviewer: J | 11/10/12

this song has done more for me than I can begin to explain. it gives me goosebumps to realize that he has changed my life at this moment and I didn't even buy the damn album. He seems like the type of cat that would be ok with. If youre out there DB... thank you

whopperasarus | Reviewer: ross | 11/18/07

wat an amazing song, song him live 8th of no, he is amazing live

anyone know were you can find his tabs, i cant find any

at the hop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

i have to say this song has incredible lyrics. he is an incredible man and my uncle knows him well........

Special | Reviewer: Laura | 6/12/07

This makes me cry so much.

(You're a sweetie Michael <3)

love. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

the pain of distance. Full of longing, yet soothing. love it.

i need more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/05

what a great song that seems to gently put a romantic want to be where ever she is.