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Meja At The Rainbow's End Lyrics

Last updated: 06/25/2012 12:00:00 PM

life is a rollercoaster ride
hitting the jackpot and let it slide
vertigo when you reach the top
screaming your lungs out before you drop
this is like an amusement park
cotton candy and chocolate hearts
livin it up then your going down
life is a party in tinsel town

and this worlds gonna turn
and your thinking that whatever
it don´t matter what i do anyway
yeah this worlds gonna turn
and you´r still surprised he never
stood there waiting for you
at the rainbows end

taking a piece of that applepie
craving a coke to get sugar high
fallen angels and shooting stars
crashing a dream in a shiny car
these are the days when you just don´t know
rockin the boat or just laying low
writing a loveletter in the sand
feeding the poor with an empty hand


don´t be hard on yourself
were all in this mess together
and this world´s gonna turn anyway
all your dreams and demands you been holding on forever
let em fly, step outside, enjoy the ride!