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Hanson At Christmas Lyrics

Last updated: 10/29/2007 11:00:00 AM

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(I. Hanson/T. Hanson/Z. Hanson)

Snow is falling down as you step out of your car
Presents in your arms and you’ve traveled far
Someone opens the door with a smile on their face
And you know you’ve come to the right place

Family nestled by the fire
Christmas hopes to inspire
Loved ones by your side
You know you’ll kiss your babies goodnight

At Christmas, Christmas
No matter who you are
How far you've come
This is where you belong
At Christmas

Memories ‘round the Christmas tree
Are the sweetest ones that remain with me
It’s a comfort deep inside
Though you can’t stop the race of time
To know that Christmas will always be

Family nestled by the fire
Christmas hopes will be inspired
Loved ones by your side
You know you’ll kiss your baby good night


Well can't you feel the changing, the anticipation
Can you tell we're almost there
Well precious time we're takin, memories we're making
It's Christmas in the air

Now this is what Christmas means to me
Being together with your family
And the wise men who followed that star
To where our baby Jesus lie

Family nestled all around
Baby Jesus asleep so sound
His star shined so bright
On the very first holy night


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