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(Originally recorded by Blue Oyster Cult)

The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
Out at you from their hiding place?
Like acid and oil on a madman's face
His reasons tend to fly away

Like lesser birds on the four winds, yeah
Like silver scrapes in May
Now the sands become a crust
And most of you have gone away...
Yea, gone away

Ah, come Susie dear, let's take a walk
Just out there upon the beach
I know you'll soon be married
And you'll want to know where winds come from

Well, it's never said at all
On the map that Carrie reads
Behind the clock back there you know
At the four winds bar, mm, yeah

Four winds at the four winds bar
Two doors locked, ten windows barred
One door left to take you in
The other one just mirrors it
Hey! Yeah!
Hey! Yeah!

Ooh, in hellish glare and inference
The other one's a duplicate
The queenly flux, eternal light
Or the light that never warms
Yes, the light that never, never warms
Yes, the light that never, never warms
Never warms, never warms

The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
Out at you from their hiding place?
Miss Carrie nurse and Susie dear
Would find themselves at four winds bar

It's the nexus of the crisis
And the origin of storms
Just the place to hopelessly
Encounter time and then came me


Call me Desdenova, eternal light
These gravely digs of mine
Will surely prove a sight
And don't forget my dog, fixed and consequent

Astronomy - a star
Astronomy - a star
Astronomy (astronomy) - a star, yeah
Astronomy - a star


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Sandy Perlman dudes y dudettes | Reviewer: SquirrelCutter | 4/3/13

If Alcoholica ever did a cover of this song, I am unaware. This is pure Cult of the Blue Oyster, their producer wrote a bunch of their songs.

I have Garage Days, this song is not on there. WTF are you people talking about?

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/11

I'm disappointed that Turn The Page, and Whiskey In The Jar are the two most well known covers off of Garage Inc. This far surpasses both of them and is more faithful to the original.
I also liked Loverman on Garage Inc.

Better than a cover! | Reviewer: Tony | 2/14/11

Metallica has proven their ability to not only introduce incredible new music but to remake well known songs and claim them as their own. I consider this to be one of Metallica's best songs. They own this song and it makes me ask, who the hell is Blue Oyster Cult?

Love metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/09

This is why metallica are considered titans in the rock world! There isn't a single song by them or they have covered that I haven't liked! I think the boc would be proud that there work has been immortalized through metallica! Let's hope other musicians can take a leaf out of boc's and metallica's book and write inspiring songs such as this!! Steve Surrey England

Definition of the name METALLICA | Reviewer: Gunnman | 7/16/09

This song should have been an original music from METALLICA cause this guys r THE best band on this earth. They did an amazing job with this cover and hope to see more from them like this one... i can still feel the creeps everytime i listen to this song. METALLICA really r #1 and that is why i love'em so much... Keep up the good work with the new album DEATH MAGNETIC.

P.S. They r back guys... the truly METALLICA r back with us.

Great cover | Reviewer: prateek | 6/18/09

Great song!i like the vibe of the song more in this one than the original...kirk's solo at the end was awesome,it would have been better if they wouldn't make it fade away...but i like it so much that i listen to it till the end...

metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/09

i just want to say that if metallica produces songs like this then no one will ever be in their look at the music.feels like heaven.divine.all i can say is that the ending could have been better.i think metallica should make more rock,hard rock and metal songs(like damage inc. fade to black).

Loved it for years | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

Loved this song back when I was in high school... which was when Garage Inc first came out and a bunch of Metallica lovers at my school called me traitor... This song bridged that gap... Thank you Metallica for the years of proving that rock is still one of the best forms of expression ;)

What a great tune!! | Reviewer: Rod | 3/20/09

i've never had paid any atention on this track before, got today listen to mandatory metallica and realized how great this tune is!! so fucking underrated by everyone. Great cover!!! one of the best cover them ever played!! fuck how good this tune is!!! love Tallica!! Much love from Brazil!!

Surreal Heavy | Reviewer: Eric Nowak | 1/27/09

It's good to be 40 years of age and still discover great tunes such as this. BOC never struck me as a band with this kind of imagination. Someone in Metallica loved this song since his adolescence and no doubt would turn on whoever would listen to this forgotten song. I'm glad they covered it. Thank you Metallica.

Great work! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

As a diehard BOC fan....this is a great version. James just needs to use a laser at the end when he sings Astronomy like BOC's Eric Bloom did back in the day. Love Kirk's guitar work as he does justice with Buck's guitar work (BOC's underrated guitarist), not an easy feat.

Not Bad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

I usually stick the original and this one is no exception. Personally, I still like the BOC version better, but the Metallica version still kicks ass itself. Theyre probably the only band that can do an entire album of covers and not screw it up. Still a great job by Metallica though.

Better than the original from a diehard BOC fan | Reviewer: Allen Blatter | 9/25/07

This cover is better than the original. An amazing claim to make since the original is outstanding. The metallica sound really adds to the song...

One of the best covers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

One of the best covers ever. Right up there with All Along the Watchtower and Crossroads for me. Metallica rules.

amazing ... | Reviewer: Laurent | 7/17/07

excellent cover, one of my favorites ... the guitars are amazing all along the song ...

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