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Tom Shear began constructing music at home under the
moniker Man On A Stage in the late 1980's. Most of the
music was very simplistic and poorly constructed, with no
vocals at first but as time went on they occurred more
often. While working on Man On A Stage, Tom Shear also was
playing bass live for a punk-influenced band collectively
known as the Advocates.

In 1988 at a Depeche Mode concert, Assemblage 23 was born.
Tom was amazed by the industrial dance music that the
opening DJ was spinning. His love of the electronic
synth-pop More...

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Review about Assemblage 23 songs
dichotomy | Reviewer: Kersti Yondyrboi
    ------ About the song Let Me Be Your Armor performed by Assemblage 23

To me this song is about the dichotomy, or the up and the down of being in love. Everything has two sides, even love. Not many songs address them both so beautifully.
Sometimes this stifling happens even in the best intentioned and healthy relationships.
Armor protects you by surrounding you with and impenetrable barrier. That which keeps things out also effectively traps or keeps things in.

Where words of our own fail | Reviewer: AlyceInWonderland
    ------ About the song Lullaby performed by Assemblage 23

This song is so beautifully haunting, and brings me to tears. I adore the delightfully Mad Hatter that brought it to my attention. I find solace in knowing that where words fail us, music may speak for us.

This hit a nerve. | Reviewer: Tenaya
    ------ About the song Let Me Be Your Armor performed by Assemblage 23

Some of us have only ever known cruelty and loneliness or the bliss of deception. Surviving abuse once leaves you an easy target for the the next con artist, because you miss the happiness you had when you believed the lies. The con artist knows this when s/he offers you safety and empowerment, feigning adoration and respect until your guard is down.

Convention and fairy tales tell us that we've failed if we end up alone. This song is a painful reminder of why I am best off that way.

deeper meanings | Reviewer: Jup
    ------ About the song Let Me Be Your Armor performed by Assemblage 23

I really love this song. To me it describes how much a person loves someone and is protective over that person and then due to not getting it in return is driven to an obsession of not having that said person, really just wanting to love them and stop them from hurting and making bad decisions. Such as abusive and failing relationships. Beautiful song none the less!

Explanation never reached | Reviewer: Amber
    ------ About the song Disappoint performed by Assemblage 23

If I could, I would dedicate this song out of many others to my sister; dearest Caroline. She has left her message quite clearly, and this song reinforces the confusion, deep despair, and grievous impact that accompanies such experiences that I believe this song is singing about. Suicide.

She received the embrace she aimed for.

-In turn she cut short her time to believe, and welcome the good in her.

an anachronism | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Let Me Be Your Armor performed by Assemblage 23

Once upon a time, it was okay to be masculine, to want to protect those you cared for, and they knew it was because to you, them being hurt caused more pain to you than if it happened to you. Now holding a door open means you think the person you're holding it for is weak, and metrosexuality is something to be strived for.

Oldschool lyrics do my heart good.

Very Beautiful | Reviewer: XsTream
    ------ About the song Complacent performed by Assemblage 23

i simply love this song,in my vision i can figure a young boy who has been rejected by a girl,and he is hurt and telling to life,that it';s not fair beeing rejected,and he is asking her to find someone else to deceive! i adore this lyrics...assemblage one of my favourite bands,even tough i love trance music,check Vocal Trance Sessions chanell on youtube :) and u ll find out this genre called trance,but i consider Assemlage 23 some kind of trance music...abit more harder..!<3 trance on and,very nice song:X

An Excellent Composition. | Reviewer: Rob Quinn
    ------ About the song Let Me Be Your Armor performed by Assemblage 23

The song may be a bit about an overprotective individual, however it displays the loyalty and faithfulness one would have towards another. True, in return this individual expects a lot from the one they want. But in the same aspects we all expect a lot from someone we care for. I love this piece, Assemblage 23, keep up the good work.

Sigh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Let Me Be Your Armor performed by Assemblage 23

A song about how one becomes so overprotective of someone to the point they are in full control of every aspect of their life because they have destroyed the very roots of independence and individuality. This is not a beautiful thing, it is the systematic destruction of someone's life.

Beautiful :) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Naked performed by Assemblage 23

This song is absolutely briliant.
i love it, it speaks truth for how a lot of people live.
the music.. and tone of voice.. mix with the lyrics it just perfect..
if there was rating thing.. i would give it a 1000000 >_<.. WOO!

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