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Ashley Gearing Biography

Last updated: 09/10/2010 12:00:00 PM

Ashley has spent the last year recording her newest album in Nashville, TN. The first song she recorded, “Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You”, was released this April. It is dedicated to her birth father, the late David Gearing, who died when she was 10 months old of brain cancer. This song has taken off like wildfire on Country radio in both her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts and at various other stations around The United States. The stations have reported that the song gets incredible response from listeners.

In four short years, twelve-year-old Ashley Gearing has had some astonishing accomplishments. She has performed before thousands of people with the world famous Boston Pops and has had her own sold out shows. Whether performing before twenty thousand or a group of twenty her angelic voice, radiance and charm leaves audiences spellbound. What is her response? Ashley says “I am so excited and honored to have these wonderful opportunities to do what I love to do most, sing to lots of people and just make them happy”

Ashley has loved music for as long as she, and her family, can remember. She would sing and act for her imaginary or real friends and relatives without waiting for a suggestion. A few years ago, she began taking singing lessons from Montenia, a jazz singer and teacher. Montenia calls Ashley her "Songbird" and marveled at her voice, determination, spirit and joy. Her music teacher at Our Lady of Hope School, Mike Rancitelli saw her poise and willingness to bring the joy of song to everyone, whether in church or at school, and said "she is an inspiration to all of the students in our music program". Ashley took every part in every musical and play that she could fit into her schedule. She is just a natural performer. It wasn't long before Ashley was introduced to impresario, Dan Kane, the creator and director of The Dan Kane Singers and Orchestra. Dan was so impressed with her ease with a crowd and her talent that he signed her up as a soloist for several shows. Her beautiful voice brought rave reviews while her personality lit up the stage.

What does Ashley say about all of this? "It is so much fun to sing and make people happy." In spite of her talent and popularity, she is very much a tween having fun with all of her friends. "I love when we play on the trampoline, go skiing and swimming and I especially love having my girl friends over for slumber parties." She adds, "My baby sister, Katherine and I play house together, she is great fun." Of course Ashley loves her X-Box and plays computer games when she can sneak on the computer. "My dad hogs the computer so I try to beat him to it after dinner." As for music, she loves it all, but especially Country. "My favorite singers are Martina Mcbride, Faith Hill and Celine Dion,." When asked about her musical goals, she answers: "to make everyone feel as happy as I do when I sing and to have my own sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden." She is a student at Our Lady of Hope School in Springfield, Massachusetts where she lives with her mother and father, Allison and Paul Kalill and her baby sister, Katherine.