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Ashlee Simpson has experienced more highs and lows in the
last year than some recording artists do in a lifetime. Yet
ask her about it and Ashlee shrugs it off. "Yeah, there are
moments when you don't want to get out of bed," she says,
"but you have to find your inner strength. That's something
I found." Indeed, as an artist, Ashlee Simpson is still
just beginning her journey, but if her new Geffen CD "I Am
Me" is any indication, she's well on her way to a becoming
an important voice in pop music.

In fact, she already is. When her More...

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Submit Ashlee Simpson New Lyrics

Review about Ashlee Simpson songs
NOTAHATER | Reviewer: notahater
    ------ About the song Autobiography performed by Ashlee Simpson

Well, ten years have passed, and ashley is nowhere to be found in the music charts, but this song really rocks, and btw, anyone else thinks she kinda sounds like courtney love and sheryl crowe? haha just saying :-)

Ritual | Reviewer: Niasia15
    ------ About the song L.O.V.E performed by Ashlee Simpson

Love or should I say L.O.V.E by Ashlee Simpson is basically about her getting over a guy that keeps calling her 2 apologize 2 her, but she won't take it! She's trying to have a fun time without thinking about him!

..... LOVE.. ... | Reviewer: go
    ------ About the song L.O.V.E performed by Ashlee Simpson

Good song. .. my first time hearing their song. . I think the haterz should keep the rude comments to theirselves. If Ashlee was reading the rude comments it'd probably hurt her feelings. .What if her song was about her boyfriend/ex boyfriend. . I don't care if this song sounds like if was written by a ten year old. This song probably helps them get over their ex boyfriends. . Idk but yeah don't best so rude.

It`s a truly great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Boyfriend performed by Ashlee Simpson

This song is great!! I love it!! But,it`s pretty bad that stuff like this achually happens. I mean,seriously... It is not our fault if he seems like he`s intreasted. People,should trust there friends instead of being backstabbing,rummer spreading,lieng,people.

waiting for your comeback ashlee! | Reviewer: tang xuan long
    ------ About the song Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) performed by Ashlee Simpson

i heard that ashlee will release a new album in 2011. I can't help waiting for it. Hope to see her soon again. Outta my, outta my head want you outta my head, ashlee. Can't stop loving you lol:X:X:X

My Best Friend | Reviewer: Malinal
    ------ About the song Boyfriend performed by Ashlee Simpson

I like this song because my best freind and I had a fihght because she thought I stole her boyfriend, I mean, of course her boyfriend is smokin hot, but I would never di that to ym est friend. Turns out, her boyfrind was trying to cheat on her with me. Um, NO! So anyways, she doesn't want to talk to me anymroe and she loves spreadfing rumors about me but, hey, who freaking cares?

I'll dance to your boyfriend | Reviewer: Chelsea(so)
    ------ About the song Boyfriend performed by Ashlee Simpson

I love this song, for that longest time I thought she sang "I'll dance to your boyfriend". lol I was wrong. I like it cause it's a popular dance track in my dance class. Whenever I here it, it makes me wanna dance!

Wrong!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pieces of Me performed by Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson did not write this song. This song is from a go-go band in the Washington DC area. This song was being played on the radio since before 1994. Ashlee was 10yrs old then & she's from Texas. So how did she write a song about her boyfriend at 10??? Who believes these lies...

Messed Up! | Reviewer: Kayley
    ------ About the song Boyfriend performed by Ashlee Simpson

People who are rude here that say bad things about Ashlee Simpsom's song are cheap and don't know how to write a good song like she does. So whoever is talking crap about Ashlee's Lyrics has to live near a hospital your gonna have to get a house near it, or at least say sorry for your rude comment. And if you don't best move near a hospital I will be waiting.
83 Thank you for your time reading best do theses things thank you.

Ashlee Rocks!!! x3

Awesome | Reviewer: kate
    ------ About the song Boyfriend performed by Ashlee Simpson

I'm still learning to sing the song and it's very good i like the way she sings it & the way she wrote it it had meaning. The story is that a girl is making a rumor that this girl stole her boyfriend because he called her 1 night.So she sings the part I didn't steal your boyfriend has the whole meaning in the part. It's a very interesting song. ( to me that is ) I fixed the error in the lryics sooo. x3 keep listening all you boyfriend stealing rumor makers 83

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