Ashlee Simpson Albums

  • Bittersweet World Album (4/22/2008)
    Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)
    Rule Breaker
    No Time For Tears
    Little Miss Obsessive
    Bittersweet World
    What I've Become
    Hot Stuff
    Never Dream Alone
    Invisible[Australian/Japan Bonus Track]
    I'm Out[Japan/Wal-Mart Bonus Track]
    Can't Have It All[Japan/FYE Pre-order Only Downloadable Bonus Track]
    Follow You Wherever You Go

  • I Am Me Album (10/18/2005)
    In Another Life
    Beautifully Broken
    Coming Back For More
    Dancing Alone
    Burning Up
    Catch Me When I Fall
    I Am Me
    Eyes Wide Open
    Say Goodbye
    Kicking And Screaming[Bonus Track]
    Fall In Love With Me[Bonus Track]
    Get Nasty[Bonus Track]

  • Autobiography Album (7/20/2004)
    Pieces Of Me
    La La
    Love Makes The World Go Round
    Better Off
    Love Me For Me
    Nothing New
    Giving It All Away
    Harder Everyday
    Endless Summer

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    Reviews about Ashlee Simpson albums

    i love ashlee simpson | Reviewer: aline Gutierrez cortes
        ------ About the album I Am Me performed by Ashlee Simpson

    ashlee is like one freek beautiful jeje sing preety and she is preety girl or women also is like i do know for she is very beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album I Am Me performed by Ashlee Simpson

    This is one of my all time favourite albums. The best songs are 'Boyfriend', 'L.O.V.E', 'Catch Me When I Fall', 'I Am Me', 'Eyes Wide Open' and 'Kicking and Screaming'. You must all buy this incredible album cos it has a song for everyone who actually has taste in music.
    FIVE STARS ASHLEE!!!I love both of Ashlee's albums and I hope she keeps making them for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AWESOME | Reviewer: Ashton
        ------ About the album Autobiography performed by Ashlee Simpson

    In my opinion I love the Autobiography CD Ashlee has out! I think she is a talented girl! Must run in the family! I'm so glad that she's doing this and writing her own songs. That makes the CD more personal. It's not just some thing she's doing just because she can. It's telling you about her life throught HER songs with HER lyrics! It's a great CD and everyone should buy one and listen to what this girl feels. I'm sure alot of you would agree and feel the exact same way as her. From her good days to her bad days it's all there. LoVe~!~ashton~!~

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