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Lamb Of God Ashes Of The Wake Lyrics

Last updated: 04/26/2013 01:15:31 PM

"We killed a lot of innocent civilians
To us every civilian in Baghdad was a terrorist
'THESE FEDAYKEEN are now in civilian clothes' - that makes everybody free game
But if they came within our perimeter, we lit 'em up
And when we would pull the body out, and when we would search the car, we would find nothing
This took place time and time again
No harm, no foul, that's OK, don't worry about it
Because this is a new TYPE of war, this is an eradication...

...I honestly feel we're committing genocide over here
I don't believe in killing civilians, and I'm not going to kill civilians for the United States Marine CORPS..."

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Eradication | Reviewer: Metalyptic | 4/26/13

As with most things happening in today's world, we can't stop it. It went way too far and who is going to stop it? Who ever could? There is One.

This isn't a preach. If you haven't noticed.

Just do what you deem is good, if it corresponds with the mind and soul.

We live in corruption. Not just the 'corruption' you hear on the news. Just think one step higher.

Uh what | Reviewer: Jim | 7/14/12

I guess it's a lot about perspective. The reasons for terrorism are too great I'm numbers to list, and so are the reasons for being against it. So how about we all agree that this is an awesome song,

Brutal Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

For people like me, music is a great way of expression your views on anything, no matter what kind of music you play. Lamb of God sees this situation just as I do. For Bobby, you can't get rid of a disease by killing off the parts that are very slightly related just by religion. You have to figure out the differences between harmful "martyrs" and people who are just trying to live their lives day to day like we do. Ignorance like yours is why so many people hate this country. They're blind to the whole situation.

Awesome song and meaning | Reviewer: deathmetallicaslayer | 7/25/11

Lamb of god is discussing a very important and misunderstood topic here.
First of all it was the Americans themselves who made all these Taliban,etc faggots to fight off the Russians.
Secondly, I don't know whats wrong with these stupid redneck c@#ts like bobby here, who don't understand that all human life is sacred and equal.Its not the my fault if I was born in a muslim family.I don't know why they say bullshit about Muslims when they don't even know whats going on here in this world and what our beliefs say.And yeah, there are very few differences between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.Its just because of these greedy politicians and corrupt governments that we are being shown as the extremists and terrorists, eventhough all these activities have political motives.
I hope Lamb of God stays true to metal,(because its the reason why i play guitar).And is able to guide people like bobby to the right path with their lyrics.peace

Great song | Reviewer: Brando | 5/14/10

There are very FEW differences between the Muslim RELIGION and the Christian RELIGION, its basically the "final" word from God following Judaism and Christianity. The PEOPLE are a different story. There are extremists in this world that shine a bad light on anything that has to do with opinions and believes. You have the Christian crazy people and the Muslim crazy people. That doesn't mean they ALL are like that. In fact most are not. I would say, Bobby, you are probably more ignorant than the "hippies" you talked about in your rant. I can understand the distraction bit, yes, that happens, just understand the stupid shit you say does reflect on you because those "hippies" have it more right than you.

great music, lame message | Reviewer: Bobby | 4/13/10

I really like this song and its one of my favorites, I just can’t this band go about sending a narrow message to all its listeners. I am sure that there are people in the military that believe that what they are doing is wrong and hate the government for making them do it. Usually simple minded people that got a crash course in liberal politics. Most of the guys that I know that kill these people feel differently than this guy in the song and that he couldn’t look at the bigger picture of things. When a kid goes up to your buddy and thanks him for liberating the city from terrorists, only to find she was a distraction while her dad was setting up a 50 cal aimed at you and your buddies. The definition of humane changes depending on the culture. You might want to think that these people have the capacity to change from their ways because we are all good natured and we are all part of humanity bla bla bla bla….. it’s all crap! America is supposed to have been founded on Christian beliefs, and to a certain extent, it does, but the Muslims don’t try to hide the fact that their nation should be run the way of their holy book. Now if you were to read this book, you would see a few major differences between the ways that the US looks at issues and the sets of beliefs and norms in which the US operates and this book. It is a much more violent way of living. When hippies go around telling you that the Muslim nation is a peaceful nation, they are ignorant, most likely have never been over there or even read their structured beliefs. So you say, well why kill the women and children? The answer is simple. If you want to get rid of a disease, how do you go about it? Let’s break it down to why I chose to use a disease as an example. First, you can’t talk and negotiate with it, if you don’t eradicate it or allow your body to eradicate the disease, it will only come back immune. So now let’s look at the parallels. The Muslims won’t change, they are set in their ways, hell, and they get rewarded in heaven for killing infidels!!!! That’s us in case you’re wondering. So talking to them is like talking to a disease process. Now think about the immunity thing. We kill only the men somehow by wearing uniforms or doing something so the US can tell who is fighting, then the kids will hate the US religiously, like they already do and in a year or two, we would be right where we are right now. And the women I truly feel badly for, but not that much. They live in a very male dominated society thus they fallow what the men say… Muslim teachings. They need to be dealt with by default. This opinion really has nothing to do with the US or the government or politics or religious beliefs. It’s really rather simple, them and their families want me and my friends and family dead. (This also includes you and your friends and fam) Don’t believe it, READ! But ya, I like the song, like none other!

Amazing | Reviewer: Jimmy | 2/9/10

I listened to the song and read Stewart's interpretation, reading each bit with it's corresponding part in the song, and I have to say, it went together so well. Well done for doing that so well! It's a shame it had to be about something so terrible in war.

Analysis | Reviewer: Stewart | 3/15/09

To begin with.. after Randy's first tid bit.
That's when all of the people are frantically running in confusion and then when the non-stop bass drum comes in that's when machine guns are going off and the guitars are portraying the work of the planes.... right after the dive bomb of the guitars is when the planes fly in and carpet bomb the shit out of the place..... then more machine gun fire and shit going off while the planes are carpet bombing elsewhere. Then when it slows down is when the cease fire.... and the other place that was bombed is just all smokey and there's burning debree and bodies.... then it's just confusion and silence, but right when the guitar solo comes the first time is when there's people shaking, shocked at what just happened... people bruning... people dying... people suffering... people missing limbs... The second time the guitar solo comes is when they start realizing what just happened... and have to start moving on with their orders and continue their parade.

This song is terrifying... it's a work of art... you have to really picture the madness... What I wrote above is What I was thinking while listening to the song.
My own interperetation.

Its great | Reviewer: Garrett | 11/22/08

This song is amazing one of the best next to 11th hour and laid to rest and bloodletting and now you've got something to die for. I'm not sure who said those things in the begining of this song or at the end but it makes you think about it. Like in some mad but reality type of some conspiryc because there was a scientist for area 51 who held a press confrence about that wierd alien type crash in Nevada or Arizon possibly New Mexico but the day after that his body was found dead. So doesn't it make you put a whole different perspective on our goverment. I don't care what you think about it. if you wana see the video of the press conference look it up on youtube.

Very inspirational piece | Reviewer: Kodi | 10/7/08

This song is very insightful. The words are actually from an interview with a former marine named Jimmy Massey. It wasn't a change of heart, Timmy; the first part was merely said with a more satirical undertone.

Musically, it's amazing, as is most of Lamb of God's material. It seems to have more power to me than usual, and I'm pretty sure it's because it's so blunt and true, and the fact that these words came from the mouth of a former staff sergeant.

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Timmy | 7/18/08

man this song has sum mad ass solo's in it!!!
regrdless of the fact that they got sumone else to do the solo's, it still a great song

the lyrics are obviously being said from the perspective of sumone in the army, killing civilians in Baghdad, and tries to make people frown on what there doing.

then at the end im guessing he realised what he's doing is wrong??? most likely wrong, so don't get up me lol