Ashanti Lyrics

Ashanti: Murder Inc.'s Hip Hop/R&B Princess

Ja Rule. J. Lo. Big Pun. Fat Joe. She’s worked with some of
the industry’s best—writing lyrics and singing hooks that
help their records reach the top of the music charts. Now
it’s time for 21-year-old Ashanti Douglas to take center
stage and shine on her very own self-titled debut, the
much-anticipated Ashanti. In April, Ashanti hits the scene
as the first R&B vocalist on Murder Inc. Although this is a
departure for the hip hop powerhouse label that has a
roster including rappers Ja Rule, More...

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Submit Ashanti New Lyrics

Review about Ashanti songs
Awsome | Reviewer: dalayna
    ------ About the song Kansas performed by Ashanti

ilove this song. this is one of my favorites by ashanti. no one else can sing this song better or like ashanti. i hope she comes out with one more album. and ive always wanted her and beyonce to do a song together

Speechless | Reviewer: Pookiee
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Ashanti

It's 2012 and I STILL to this day absoultely LOVE this song to death , Ashanti you are amazingly gifted girl and so am I , Hope one day I can sing this song to you for make it and singing it for me :)

sOoOoO tRuE...♥ | Reviewer: bAbY gYrL...
    ------ About the song Over performed by Ashanti

listening 2 this song made me realize wat my life was like...itried to make it work wit a guy who ilater on realized wasnt worth it...ive been thru the it b4...and know ive learned that if he likes you he likes you and its for who you are nt 4 who he wants you to be or wat people tell him you are n if he dnt he no guy is worth changing matter how much you love him....

This song is so true thisz is eat every girl goes true. | Reviewer: fransy
    ------ About the song Over performed by Ashanti

Actually thisz song is do true is just telling you tht If your with somebody tht you really love and you try your hardest u put your time and effort bt the guy don't see it he just fo wat he wants you can't change somebody is up to the
if there willing to do tht if they love you they will if the dude dosent let him goo quickk!!!

heartbreak | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Over performed by Ashanti

my first true love was wen i was 12 i was seriously inlove with hm bt then he broke my heart and he promised tht he would marry me bt i am nw 14 and i have moved on to the love of my life kemoye hes the best

The best | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song I Love You performed by Ashanti

I love this song it is perfect cause right now my boyfriend is in jail and there is already so much drama in my life and i cry all the time and then i think about us and then i am happy again but i hat it cause i miss him and he is in there for two years and i am going to be starting highschool and everything and i dont no if i can have a jail bird causse in the future i am thinking about having kids and i dont know if i can date someone that is just going to be in and out all the time :((

lesson learned | Reviewer: jamie hughes
    ------ About the song Over performed by Ashanti

my first relation ship stated wen i was 16 and i think it will be my last entill im older, i was and still is in love wit this boy name jaylin, he was my first in everything. i was wit him for 6 month and i got hurt. i never pay attention to being in relationship and now i kno why girls do wat they do. i had alot of problems and felt alone so jaylin jumped into my life, i thought tryin to find myself in HIM would change me and but it fucked me over and now its over, but i will always love him. people like HIM really need help , i feel sad for him, and i wish he finds himself and just grow, cuz ms. wifey left the building.

thank you | Reviewer: lauren flemming
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Ashanti

thank you for singing thank you because i love that song i sing it everyday and even if it brings back some memories of past deaths of loved ones in my family i still love it. so thank you ashanti for your inspiration of thank you the song.

the way ii lOve thiis song;) lol | Reviewer: bri
    ------ About the song The Way That I Love You performed by Ashanti

WOW !!!!!! omg iiii love this song soooooo much ii had this as my ringtone nnnd iii had it forever nnd iiii was jusss nn love wit it nnnd OMG the video is insane iiii loved both nnd im pickey wen it comes to lykin both the song nd the video soo she gotta 2 thumbs up 44 it LOL:)

iiiiiiii love it:) | Reviewer: bri
    ------ About the song Only U performed by Ashanti

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! im juss nn love wit this song lyke arrtyme ii hear it ii juss go INSANE lol but iii juss wish see make a huge come back cuz ii love her muzic and she freakiin awsome lorr shorty:)

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