Ashanti Albums

  • BraveHeart Album (9/3/2013)
    The Woman You Love
    Don't Tell Me No
    She Can't
    Never Should Have
    That's What We Do
    Never Too Far Away

  • The Vault Album (2/18/2009)
    Imagine Life
    Don't Need You
    Let's Do Something Crazy
    Pretty Little Flower
    Where I Stand
    Show You
    Mrs. So So
    No Words
    Saw Your Face
    Girls in the Move
    To The Club

  • The Declaration Album (6/3/2008)
    The Way That I Love You
    You're Gonna Miss
    So Over You
    The Things You Make Me Do
    In These Streets
    Good Good
    Body On Me
    The Declaration

  • Collectables By Ashanti Album (12/6/2005)
    Still On It
    Only U (Remix)
    I Love You
    Rain On Me (Remix)
    Still Down (Remix)
    Show You
    I Found It In You
    Breakup 2 Makeup Remix
    Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Remix)
    Focus Remix

  • Concrete Rose Album (12/14/2004)
  • Ashanti's Christmas Album (11/18/2003)
  • Chapter II Album (6/30/2003)
  • Ashanti Album (4/2/2002)

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    Reviews about Ashanti albums
    martaysa berger | Reviewer: martaysa berger
        ------ About the album Chapter II performed by Ashanti

    i love ashanti she is so pretty i love all her music i had everyone of her albums she is a very great singer i love it because her music could teach us ladies a lot of lessons in relationships. she also is a very great actor love her in coach carter that was a very good movie she been hot since 2001 and still is to this day of 2014 i would like to hear someone music from the lovely miss Ashanti in this year of 2014 because i wont all the good old music back idk what they doing now but it nothing like that old good music and i miss Ja rule to bring that good stuff back all them people are talented today and back then but i love yall i wonted yall to no this im from little o va Martinsville that is i would love to meet you guys one day may god bless love yall form the bottom of my hear :):):):):) :):):)

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