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Emery As Your Voice Fades Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2013 05:49:22 AM

Somebody please tell me
What am I suppose to do?
You've died and I'm here
Thinking that I hear your voice
But it's somebody else
It's always somebody else

Why did you die?
Don't leave me please
I beg you God tonight bring me peace
I'll never sleep without
The dreams of you alive here with me
Alive here with me

The brightness left your eyes
As I held your face
Don't tell me it's the right time
And your last words will sustain me
Until my end
Until I see you again

Whitness of changes
Unto My Hands
My Face
I am left wanting
Why is this happening?
Why have you been taken away?
I'm tired
I just wanna go home

Your words (your life) evade me (but a moment)
I'll wait to (I'll cling to) remember you (forever)
And what you have (your words) meant to me (on my blood)
Could never be forgotten

The chains (why) of death (today)
Are falling (away), but my heart still beats
It longs for (why) the day (did you die)
When we will be as one, one, one

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nargen | Reviewer: nargen | 11/24/13

I knew Emery in2008 when my a Aunt mine was at hospital and right there when i been remember my Father and his others Brothers that they died between 45 - 48 years old.
Its to sad cause they were so happy and Lovely Guys...
When i heard this song o remember him, man this is to Bad...

why...... | Reviewer: Alone3 | 1/20/13

In 1989 i lost my brother, he died but i have him in my heart. People see this, but not enjoy. My friend said - Hey dude! You lost a brother! And im sad listening this song. With my sister who dont died, but everyone can.

as died D: | Reviewer: rumbo11 | 10/26/12

My sister, her died in the big accident. I just grap telphone and tell ambulance. Ambulance is late. So who has be so crazy to do this accident?! There are tterrible, no fun terrible! I so tell me friends of this. I dont want to this get my friennds.

i think of... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/11

I lost my brother this past July to stomach cancer. I was there with my other brother and my mother and father, two aunts, and a cousin. All I can really remember is that there is my mother who is holding her first born child singing the same lullaby that she used to sing to him to put him to bed back in 1969. I can't stop crying. When I hear this song all I can think of is her. My mom has been through so much with this. I sometimes don't think it's real. I miss my brother terribly....

Beautiful | Reviewer: Kat | 10/17/10

I just began listening to Emery as a friend of mine loves them, and their music, especially this song really hits me in my heart.

They are truly gifted individuals, and I know my music and vocals can never truly measure up to them. For a gift, I am singing this song for someone who had passed away the day after my birthday. I barely knew her, but she was very sweet and loving. My beloved music teacher, the one who convinced me I had a gift, also died the same day as her. I hope my voice can reach both of them in Heaven. R.I.P. Shelley and Mr. D, keep singing to the angels.


---I miss you..♥ | Reviewer: AeMyThEsAnT*** | 6/27/09

My best friend died...he was shot 6 times and i held him as he bled to death and watched him die helpless...the ambulance was to late for him. and for those ppl who r gonna get pissy, no im not trying to "out do" everyone elses losses...i just miss him and idky but sometimes it feels better to talk to a complete starnger about i tthan someone that knew him....if someone can explain that please do...he was 17, big brother he was always there and he sang me to sleep when i had no one @ the ages of 6+...i was 14 when he died...i am 15..he died last year sept 2...RIP ( PS. do not rep bloodz and dont know what somebody else is losing) ♥

healing trough music | Reviewer: Daniel | 5/25/09

This song is helping me through a tough and difficult time. It helped to express an emotion that ive never knew or felt. that emotion comes when someone you love or hold close to passes unexpectedly may it be from an illness, accdent, homicide, or suicide. thanks to these lyrics ive got trhough it. Thank you emery for being the voice that balanced my soul.

Awesome | Reviewer: Karrah | 2/12/09

I didn't really feel like this song was totally profound I just loved the way it hits home for me and many others. My little brother just died-he was only 14 and I miss him everyday. It seems emery can relate to people on every level through any of their gifted music

Speechless | Reviewer: Caleah | 2/9/09

The first time I heard this song I was in the middle of class listening to my friend's iPod and it related so much to me at that time, I had just lost my best friend Danee to a collapsed lung. And I started crying in the middle of class. And it was so perfect. I rarely cry and I hadn't yet mourned my friends death because I was trying to be such a strong person. But this song brought out everything I felt towards him. I'm forever thankful for this song and the memories it leaves with me.

touching | Reviewer: Allen | 1/24/08

i love emery and i usually pull up the lyrics to every song that really catches my ear and this one did. after reading it i realized how much more relevance it had to me and a recent situation of losing my best friend in a car accident. i love this song and all of emery's work. you can feel the passion in the music

A Real Meaning | Reviewer: Maddiy | 12/23/07

as people may judge others who listen to music like Screamo,punk rock,metal,or anything relevent to that. they do not understand the feeling and care that is put into the lyrics they heard loud noises and headaches coming,people lik eyou and me can apprichiate yet every word of theses songs and somtimes even use them as a way to recover from aharsh event in a harsh life!

somtimes music is for entertainment but to me music is just another thing that has pushed me though this tretchorus life i lead,this bad has gotten me through many nights i didnt think i would have woken up from and that is why im here to say I LOVE YOU GUYS!

man | Reviewer: maggie | 6/10/07

this song is so great! this band is so great! always will be!

i love warwick | Reviewer: Holly Dent | 4/29/07

pretty sure this is mine and warwicks song.and i love him and this song sooo means a lot to me and him.
love heaps.

Wowwie | Reviewer: Michelle | 2/21/07

Hey ..
Well this song really i mean really makes me think i love it ..i memeber things that I want and this I Try to forget everyday.. wel the song is really great and i love it
Love yeah lotsssss
-Michelle Daviault