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Thorns Of The Carrion As Shadows Away The Soul Lyrics

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Thy kingdom has been lost under the sword
The trials of my defeat have cast me away
The dark seas of despair now hold my shame
As thy tomb is sealed the waters flood with grief

As thy tomb is sealed the waters flood with grief
With each passing tide the sadness destroys my faith
I foresee the dawn just beyond the barren plains
Though my sight is gone the sun will welcome me

Through the darkness the fragments descend
Fragile glimmering shards from on high above
My soul bound by the dead of natures hold
Forever caressed by the stillness
That decays the unloved (Which is I)
Consumed by this undying sadness
Take away this cold form of death

No more shall blood flow through these veins
Now lost shifting through the red waves
Take my lifeless form and end my bell
For thy kingdom is no more
My eyes are closed I cannot see
This world of death has conquered me
My eyes are closed I cannot see
Take away the pain of this world

The shades of black now turn to gray
The pulse of his sorrow now fades
Take my madid world of selfless lies
No more love for this world
"As shadows asway the soul...
I realize I am finally at peace"

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