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In January of 2001 vocalist Tim Lambesis left Texas-based
Societys Finest to return home to San Diego where he and
long time friend Evan White began writing music for what
would become As I Lay Dying. With a strong vision already
in mind they began gathering some of the city's great
musicians. Drummer Jordan Mancino had recently left Edge of
Mortality, and Brandon Hays, previously of The Frontline,
joined later that year. After establishing their new
lineup, the bands debut record, "Beneath the Encasing of
Ashes", was written in More...

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Review about As I Lay Dying songs
this is annoying | Reviewer: Die before I wake
    ------ About the song Forever performed by As I Lay Dying

I mean who the fuck cares if this is a christian band or not?! If the music is good who the fuck cares about their religion , or what church they go to or if they go to church on Sunday! I love As I Lay Dying and I honestly dont care about the religion. Music is music no matter what

Lol | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Darkest Nights performed by As I Lay Dying

All you God preaching folk are fucked. I chose to be a good person not because I'm afraid of going to some evil place after I die or because some "eternal being" is going to spank me before I play with Angels. I choose to be a good person because I believe it is the right thing to do. Based on my morals and ethics and my upbringing. I choose not to take the easy way out and put blind faith into a single book that has been preverted since the day it was created. I choose to learn about The Universe, The Human Body, our Planet Earth because with this knowledge, I learn more about myself, the Human Race, and my fellow Man-Kind. You think "God" is mind-blowing? I challenge you to learn about Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and String Theory.

As i lay dying | Reviewer: Bonolo demoth Khonkhe
    ------ About the song Control Is Dead performed by As I Lay Dying

Fact is these guys are so good that they destroy your conseption of existance,lol you will be forced to listen to their music regardless of ur beliefs. . . Those who are resisting are only delaying the inevitable. . .As i lay dying is SOLID!

Atheist Loves this! | Reviewer: Average Joe Atheist
    ------ About the song Upside Down Kingdom performed by As I Lay Dying

I'm an atheist and AILS is my favourite metal band ATM. I also like All That Remains and Trivium, mainly because these bands balance brutal riffs with haunting melodies and generally uplifting lyrics. I think the subject matter of most of AILD's songs can apply to me as an atheist but I usually find myself getting jealous when thinking how lost in the moment a christian metal fan must get at an AILD concert.

great band | Reviewer: metallhead
    ------ About the song Within Destruction performed by As I Lay Dying

i love this song but i never mind if its christian or not cus i dont beleave in god what's matters to me its the music and the vocals and what i found in this band is great vocals and the creazyest music i'v ever heard. there is better metalcore band and its lamb of god you are messen alot if you dont know it.

new but not a big fan yet | Reviewer: metalhead
    ------ About the song Nothing Left performed by As I Lay Dying

this band is very great and its metalcore actuly i love this kind of metal but its not the best. any way for this song i loved the lyrics and the music its drive me crazy just listen to it. but if you want the best metalcore band ever listen to lamb of god its beter than AILD. sorry AILD fans but its the true61 61

I agree with both sides | Reviewer: Tony
    ------ About the song Forever performed by As I Lay Dying

I think they are a band that writes music and plays it thru their Christian views. And they play their music with a Christian inspiration.. Honestly, I think that's half the reason their music is as good as it is.

Overview | Reviewer: Grcia.bianca
    ------ About the song The Darkest Nights performed by As I Lay Dying

Youre right (i think) in saying that it isnt said that we have to believe in God, however, its only right to recognize Him. Just as it is to recognize your parents for bringing you to life. Its the same concept. But while i know He is real and present in our everyday moments, this song is great regardless (as well as other christian or non-christian songs). Christian songs tend to be attractive because theyre true and give a good vibe, but thats just i.m.o. But anyywwaayyyy. Point is this is a great band haha. There are enoigh religious forums to read, i wont continue to turn this into one. Keep enjoying this musical greatness! <3

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Darkest Nights performed by As I Lay Dying

As you all can clearly see.. there are morons (someone with a brain) everywhere. Its funny that he/she would even come to this page if they want nothing to do with GOD..... But GOD bless them whoever they are. Its sad that they don't even know or worse care about the stupid/sinful/selfish/damned state they are in.

But side note to the person who says they have brain but clearly did not use it........"I am the LORD thy GOD"........."thou shalt have no other gods before me" And just in case you "brain" hasn't started to work and you still don't understand, that means that the prerequisite to even following the Ten Commandments is believing in and recognizing the one true GOD.

Hey u | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Through Struggle performed by As I Lay Dying

Guys how could life be an evelution ?! Any anyway for Rhodes of you who read this and say Christianity is garbage I'm praying for you

And Christian metal is different because they don't talk about drugs achol sex and stuff that wreaked your life ( drugs and acholism) they have a more powerful way beacause they don't waste their time on that garbage and i pray for those of you dealing with drugs over drinking and depression

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