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Fear My Thoughts As I Bleed Lyrics

Last updated: 02/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

Why do they hate us- you ask stupidly
Covered in the dust of your perfect world
Why do they hate us- we did nothing wrong
We were just living our dream
I can't understand their rage
We brought them peace and democracy
We freed them from their daily slavery
And taught them our perfect dream
We reached out our hand to them
To live the better way
We reached out our hand to them
Maybe you have to see- the other side of the coin
While we grow obese- millions daily starve
While we sail our yachts- boat people risk everything
To escape the war
Your dream fertilizes the seed
The seed of wealth through greed
I die for all this greed- as i bleed
I hate the world you adore
Just see the poor begging for more
They'll crush you and your greed - as we bleed
We worry about our stock market- while many attempt to live on less
Your dream is a nightmare for millions!
Can this be called civilization?
How can we accept this obvious injustice
Without wanting to change this unfair state?
And no one is innocent as long as we tolerate the lies about the state of the world
That's why they hate us- does it make sense to you?
This might be the reason- it's in our hands
And no one is save when the south will turn to north one day
Poverty ignites the hate that will burn us all
Their vengeance will break you