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Arzt+Pfusch Biography

Last updated: 06/22/2004 08:56:43 PM

Once upon a time ..

...during an all night drinking session in the year of 1998 Der Doktor& Dr. A-Funz sat down and recorded some trax (drunk pole in gin and toxic). They decided that these trax should be some kind of sexy country western music, but accidently it turned out to be kinda like a mixture of medicine and hell (uuuhhhh! scary!). During the next 14 days they made 5 trax, which were put on a demo cd entitled "Songs Our Grand Parents Taught Us" - the title was chosen because it was stupid !

After some time the debut album "WARUM?" was released on Eraser/Novatekk, and that title was chosen because they were soooo dumb that they couldn't figure out a clever title, though after some time they suddenly realized that "Warum?" was actually a good title!! cos' it makes you ask why? (why that title? is there a point? why oh why?)

The "LOVE" EP/Mini-Album thing was scheduled to be released in oct/november 1999, but alas- due to several mishaps, live shows, delays, broken switches, and other stuff (classified) it was Re-Scheduled to Feb/Mar 2000.

After two years of no released material Der Doktor left Arzt+Pfusch in august 2002. Shortly afterwards CyMonk (from the german project cymotec) joined A+P.

The process of writing new (and interesting) material has started in the beginning of 2003 and so the (oh so splendid) future can't look any brighter!!

How to write and pronounce Arzt+Pfusch

Do NOT, we repeat, do NOT attempt to write "Arzt und Pfusch", "Artz & Pfusch" or any such nonsense. It is written "Arzt+Pfusch", ie. a plus binding the two words, and no spacings whatsoever! If you don't conform to this norm, something will happen to you, like a meteor-shower hitting you, or something similarly uncomfortable.

Likewise, always pronounce it as just the two words: "Arzt Pfusch", the plus is left out.

It is complicated, but that's the world of medical science for you right there. Take it or leave it.

Explanation (well, sort of...)

The sound of A+P can be described as "NoisEbmStupidEvilDustrial", an indivisible blend of samples, lyrics, artwork, and the finest tones known to mankind.

Its all brought to life by these groovy and absurd evil tunes about: life and death, fire and medicine, doctors and Grand-Parents(?)- you name it!!

To further illustrate this concept we wear different types of masks and outfits, reflecting the music and concept (and also because we love and hate to dress up in silly/weird costumes)!!!.

For those of you who want an excuse to hate us, let's just stress the following points:

The views and opinions expressed in the lyrix do NOT express the views and opinions of the people involved. The lyrics are Excaggerated, Omnipotent, Sarcastic, Provoking, Stupidly evil and of course overly amusing (at least we think they are). They contain hazardous ingredients like : arson, doctors, war, medical stuff, bacteria, fire, blood and guts, love, bulldozers, disease, hell, plastic toys, implants, etc..etc.. But what can you expect when they're written by the mysterious stalker, The Hangman. (The Hangman is a giant dildo - so up yours).

So, don't look for answers or opinions , cos' there aren't any (we dont have them, and we are basically ignorant!!) There is no secret or overall message in the stuff (unless played backwards, in which case you'll end with the finest recipe for grandma's brownies). and THAT is the irony of it all. Tada.

And they lived happily ever after ..