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Arvinger Biography

Last updated: 10/29/2005

Arvinger was formed in 2001 when Djerv teamed up with former bandmate Hauk to compose some nordic black metal together. Hauk started to write the songs while Djerv started to write the lyrics. A few months later they recorded 5 songs in their own studio. Hauk played all the instruments except keyboard which was played by guest player Ronny Tegner, also known from Pagan's Mind.

Almost a year later Hauk recorded an instrumental song called, Mørkets Dal. None of the songs had been released so during the summer of 2002 they uploaded all their material to a MP3 site as well as their own homepage.

And after a few days they started to recieve great feedback and their songs quickly became some of the most downloaded metal songs on the site.

They then decieded to try again and write some more songs. Hauk then wrote 3 new songs, and this time playing the keyboard himself. Djerv also participated in the songwriting this time. Alot of people had requested a cd or demo from the band, so they decided to release all their material on an album called, "Helgards Fall".......