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Artrosis Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2003 11:24:07 PM

The band comes from Zielona Góra where it came into being in March 1995. In the beginning, as Artrosis was still seeking its sound, music was based on heavy guitar-riffs – nevertheless, it was neither typical rock nor metal music. However, attaching much importance to keyboard instruments and having this characteristic electronic percussion, Artrosis identified itself most with gothic-branch. When in 1996 the band made its debut at Castle Party – the biggest polish gothic festival, everybody had no doubts that Art. Of Roses would play an important part on the stage soon. In course of time, the music was acquiring widely understood strength and was evolving in the direction of gothic metal, to explode with freshness and charisma in 1997. Then, “Hidden Dimension” was born – Artrosis debut album. “All signs in the sky and on the earth, and torn temple’s curtain of subtle hearts sinks into nothingness under the mighty blow of utterly beautiful Artrosis music” – an average album does not gain such approving reviews. Moreover, music cast a spell on Tilo Wolff himself – the leader of gothic band of a cult Lacrimosa and owner of publishing house Hall Of Sermon – who decided to release “Hidden Dimension” abroad. The debut album has been available all over the world since January 1998. Exactly a year after the debut, the second album titled “In The Name Of Night” was recorded and released. Heavy but still serene and atmospheric album showed another face of the band. Artrosis proved not to plagiarise their works. Just on the contrary, the artists being open to new trends were, and still are, in constant search for new sounds. The year 1999 is of great importance as Artrosis gives its performance for the first time at the biggest polish metal party –Metalmania. Furthermore, the band enters into a contract with Metal Mind Prod. leaving at the same time their previous publisher – Morbid Noizz. The result of the collaboration is the third and the latest album titled “In The Flowers’ Shade” which proves that Artrosis music is recognised easily. Recordings take place in a new studio, with a new producer, also with new guitarists – all this brings about quality. Although some similarities to the first album (one means musical side) can be heard, everybody will admit that the band has made much progress. Despite music of the latest release is really dynamic and very harsh at times, “In The Flowers’ Shade” cannot be considered as metal sounding act. This is something unique and exceptional about Art Of Roses music...