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Ultravox Artificial Life Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2014 08:58:08 PM

All the boys are wearing their utility drag
The girls slip identikits from their utility bags
Some refugees from suburbia are laughing
Examining each other's gags
Vibrate on sulphate when it gets late
And their velocity begins to sag


And it goes on all night, all night
And it goes on and on, the artificial life

Mary Mary got so confused
About the fusion game, what a game
Blunked on booze, she talks like a newsreel
She'll take up any kind of bleak exchange
She turned to perfection once
But realised she'd only turned to pain
She ran through divine light, chemicals, Warhol, scientology, her own sex
Before she turned away


I've learned to be a stranger
I've learned to be a stranger
I've learned to be a stranger
I've learned to be a stranger
Stranger still

I should have left here years ago
But my imagination won't tell me how
This whirlpool's got such seductive furniture
It's so pleasant getting drowned
So we drink and sink and talk and stalk
With interchangeable enemies and friends
Trying on each other's skins
While we're dying to be born again.


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Correction: "blocked" not "blunked" | Reviewer: Fiona | 7/13/14

The correct lyric is:"blocked on booze, she talks like a newsreel"

A brilliant track, as are the rest on this album. Great rock, great lyrics. This original incarnation of Ultravox! is not to be confused with the later chart-topping synth-dirge meisters of 'Vienna' fame. By 1980, Billy Currie wanted to make a few bob rather than schlepping round the gig circuit and staying at the cult level they had achieved up to that point, so, when founder and multi-talented lead singer John Foxx left, Currie saw his opportunity to finally make some money. He brought in Scottish 'singer' Midge Ure, formerly of manufactured boy band Slik (a Bay City Roller-type group) and later of The Rich Kids, Glen Matlock's cleaned-up, respectable version of a punk band, again put together for financial rather than artistic purposes. Midge Ure had little creative input in any band he had been involved with, and things didn't change much when he joined Ultravox, who had decided to drop the ! , considering it too arty and obscure for their intended audience. If you like 'Vienna', then I wouldn't recommend 'Ha! Ha! Ha!'. But if you like original, highly-energetic rock mixed with some prototype John Foxx synth-based tracks, then I would.