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Arthur Biography

Last updated: 05/12/2004 03:45:44 AM

Michael "Arthur" Herrera - Vocals and Guitar
Neil Hundt - Bass and Vocals
Yuri Ruley - Drums
Tom Wisniewski - Guitar and Vocals

In 1996, out of Michael "Arthur" Herrera's creative urgency did Arthur come about. Mike wanted to try an alternative to the pop/punk sound, MxPx is known for. In his words, "The best thing about Arthur is wer'e doing a lot of things that we haven't done as musicians yet. It gives me a chance to stretch my legs as a songwriter and a musician." So along with Yuri Ruley and Neil Hundt, began practicing this dynamic, style rock. Second guitarist, Tom Wisniewski, who was added in early 1998, says Arthur is "For fans of good old rock n' roll, who want to see us dress up and rock out."After two years of playing shows locally, as well as a recent West Coast tour sharing the venues with The Ataris. As a consequence, Arthur has earned the standing as a band unique in sound, exceeding today's mediocre rock. With songs like, "Amazingly True", and "Thought a Lot", which have been the bands personal favorites.Loneliness is Bliss, Arthur's, six-song EP, recorded in late 1998. This EP has boiled Arthur down to a hard working band, who only produces intricitally, quality work. Loneliness is Bliss was recorded live at Bear Creek Studios. This EP unifies Arthur's consistently fresh musical production with DIY ethics. Which is shown in the work of this album; recorded in one day and mixed on another day, but not absent of Arthur's superiority of sound. Loneliness is Bliss, was the first release through Rockcity Recording Co., the label maintained and owned by all the members of Arthur.The excessive draw to Arthur's music in such a short time has been undeniably, the relation to Michael Herrera's songwriting. Mike writes of the state of the heart, in the company of misunderstanding, brokenness, heartbreak and loneliness."Arthur brings you back to the moment before your first kiss. We fill your heart with that longing. Music so powerful it changes you."Arthur is on the threshold of an musical epic, with their, edgy, 1950's influenced rock, slower but not lacking intensity."What sets us apart is how we blend old style with new."Yuri Ruley and Neil Hundt, profess of Arthur."Definitely a sound all kinds of people would be into."

Currently, the members are working on their much anticipated full length album. They hope to have a release date sometime this year.