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Desert Rose
Why do you live alone
If you are sad
I'll make you leave this life
Are you white, blue or bloody red
All I can see is drowning in cold grey sand

The winds of time
You knock me to the ground
I'm dying of thirst
I wanna run away
I don't know how to set me free to live
My mind cries out feeling pain

I've been roaming to find myself
How long have I been feeling endless hurt
Falling down, rain flows into my heart
In the pain I'm waiting for you
Can't go back
No place to go back to
Life is lost, Flowers fall
If it's all dreams
Now wake me up
If it's all real
Just kill me

I'm making the wall inside my heart
I don't wanna let my emotions get out
It scares me to look at the world
Don't want to find myself lost in your eyes
I tried to drown my past in grey
I never wanna feel more pain
Ran away from you without saying any words
What I don't wanna lose is love

Through my eyes
Time goes by like tears
My emotion's losing the color of life
Kill my heart
Release all my pain
I'm shouting out louder
Insanity takes hold over me

Turning away from the wall
Nothing I can see
The scream deep inside
reflecting another person in my heart
He calls me from within
"All existence you see before you
must be wiped out :
Dream, Reality, Memories,
and Yourself"

I begin to lose control of myself
My lust is so blind, destroys my mind
Nobody can stop my turning to madness
No matter how you try to hold me in your heart
Why do you wanna raise these walls
I don't know the meaning of hatred
My brain gets blown away hearing words of lies
I only want to hold your love

Stab the dolls filled with hate
Wash yourself with their blood
Drive into the raging current of time
Swing your murderous weapon into the belly
"the earth"
Shout and start creating confusion
Shed your blood for pleasure
And what? For love?
What am I supposed to do?

I believe in the madness called "Now"
Past and future prison my heart
Time is blind
But I wanna trace my love
on the wall of time, over pain in my heart
Art of life
Insane blade stabbing dreams
Try to break all truth now
But I can't heal this broken heart in pain
Cannot start to live, Cannot end my life
Keep on cry

Close my eyes
Time breathes I can hear
All love and sadness
melt in my heart

Dry my tears
Wipe my bloody face
I wanna feel me living my life
outside my walls

You can't draw a picture of yesterday, so
You're painting your heart with your blood
You can't say "No"
Only turning the wheel of time
with a rope around your neck
You build a wall of morality and take a breath
from between the bricks
You make up imaginary enemies and are chased by them
You're trying to commit suicide
You're satisfied with your prologue
Now you're painting your first chapter black
You are putting the scraps of life together
and trying to make an asylum for yourself
You're hitting a bell at the edge of the stage
You are trying to kill me

I believe in the madness called "Now"
Time goes flowing, breaking my heart
Wanna live
Can't let my heart kill myself
Still I haven't found what I'm looking for
Art of life
I try to stop myself
But my heart goes to destroy the truth
Tell me why
I want the meaning of my life
Do I try to live, Do I try to love
in my dream

I'm breaking the wall inside my heart
I just wanna let my emotions get out
Nobody can stop
I'm running to freedom
No matter how you try to hold me in your world
Like a doll carried by the flow of time
I sacrificed the present moment for the future
I was in chains of memory half-blinded
Losing my heart, walking in the sea of dreams

Close my eyes
Rose breathes I can hear
All love and sadness melt in my heart
Dry my tears
Wipe my bloody face
I wanna feel me living my life
outside my mind

Dreams can make me mad
I can't leave my dream
I can't stop myself
Don't know what I am
What lies are truth?
What truths are lies?

I believe in the madness called "Now"
Time goes flowing, breaking my heart
Wanna live
Can't let my heart kill myself
Still I haven't found what I'm looking for
Art of life
I try to stop myself
But my heart goes to destroy the truth
Tell me why
I want the meaning of my life
Do I try to live? Do I try to love?

Art of life
An Eternal Bleeding heart
You never wanna breathe your last
Wanna live
Can't let my heart kill myself
Still I'm feeling for
A Rose is breathing love
in my life

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In defense of the piano solo and lyrics (no comparison here) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/14

Well a lot have already expressed major points about the song but someone forgot about the Piano Solo. If you listen to it the first time it does kind of seem off and would've probably "ruin" your listening experience, but really, the piano solo is actually the title of the song itself "Art of life." It starts of with a nice melody, gets messy as it progresses then becomes mellow with a sweet sad melody. Close your eyes and imagine your life from infancy with that piano solo.

Infancy->teenage years->adulthood->death

The song's about wanting to commit suicide then a revival of hope at the end that things will get better. I wouldn't say this song's lyrically the best or poetic, but as English isn't Yoshiki's first language, it's amazing he can pull this off. And when the lyrics do make sense, they are indeed poetic to the point you can paint the lyrics in your head (particularly the intro 3 minute portion)

OMG | Reviewer: Chrissy Okabe | 12/31/13

This song is so good, regardless of the lyrics, it's still really good... It can't really be emo because emo didn't exist at this time.
Anyway, thank you Yoshiki for being so talented and having the ability to write such an amazing song. People across the globe are grateful <3

Amazing Song,Reply To Mac | Reviewer: Zoe | 9/9/13

amazing wonderful song the lyrics are amazing and heart filling,Mac i don't understand why you don't like the song maybe its because if you had half a mind to read int the lyrics on how wonderful they are or its because your a stupid gaga fan that doesn't know what real music is,Mac WE ARE X NOT EMOS

Wake up! | Reviewer: Syd | 6/24/13

I have mixed thoughts about this song. The first 15 minutes and the last 4 have some pretty beautiful lyrics, and the very first piano solo around the 8 minute mark definitely has a baroque style to it which I have never heard in prog rock/metal bands. However I find that the long piano solo was done in a way that ruined the song. Yoshiki is a very talented drummer/pianist, but I think that he should have used his talent to create a solo that was quite Berlioz esque (Symphonie fantastique ) by using the theme and twisting it which would've complemented the depth of the rest of the piece. I found that this piece was half beautiful and half almost childish in the way that the cluster part (in my opinion) was a very non-musical form of expression and it took away from the rest of the piece. I think that if you want to proclaim a song a masterpiece, you need to be able to recognize that a piece that uses cluster and speed as a form of expression and using the same chords in the background for 11 minutes is obviously missing a key component known as creativity to make a real piano solo.

Bull | Reviewer: Bob | 9/7/12

For everyone saying Dt is the better band please go away. Saying that Mike even holds a flame to Yoshiki is Childish and very uneducated in music. I have heard a lot of Dt and their songs are good at best and get very boring. X japan have a essence that very few bands have. Not to mention Dt lost their only good member Mike Portnoy.

. | Reviewer: ............ | 8/4/12

Just heard it for the first time. Really enjoyed it. I found the piano "solo" (more of a duo considering the multiple piano tracks) a little bit boring though: the 2 same chords over and over, with a shit ton of clusters and some scales. Not a big fan of cluster overload as means of expression. Also, I was hoping for more... diversity with the harmonic progressions. But what I just heard was still a lot more interesting than most bands doing only I-VII-VI-VII-I over and over.

ART OF XJAPAN | Reviewer: AOX | 6/17/12

this art should not be called art of life, but should be call art of xjapan! they spread humanity through their art that always in the circle of humanity even the title like this song. they really appreciate and admire about living this life. this is not about how emo metal or rock you are, this is about how can you touch my soul and heart...

Awesome Song | Reviewer: tobbA | 12/20/11

Great progressive metal song. Totally up there with Dream Theater. But I think a better comparison to X Japan is the Prog Power band Seventh Wonder. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the emo scene though.

\\masterpiece// | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

dream theater has their own unique sound....while x japan has their own originality...!!! u cant compare the two bands.!! they both r legends...!!! 'art of life' is one of the greatest has a glam rock feel....n it is progressive too...while it can also b classified in d speed metal genre..!! d piano part is d greatest..!! so plzzz dont just criticize it rather explore d musical quotient of this awesome piece..!! keep rocking...\m/ \m/

w t f?? | Reviewer: mac | 10/25/11

i saw this review in a website where japan-x fans were all ga ga about the band. so i got interested and just listened to their supposed greatest work art of life..
i just wasted 4 hours of my life in trying to listen to some emo bull and i regret it.
people who say they can be compared to likes of beethoven are seriously retarded and need to listen to more music before making remarks like this.
expand ur horizon rather than blindly supporting ur countrymen..

It's about the Music | Reviewer: Mary | 10/12/11

Toshi's English is better than many Americans. His vocal skills are excellent, but what really excites me is the music. This is an excellent composition. As a classical pianist most rock music is boring and predictable. The piano solo is as challenging as the compositions by Beethoven and Chopin that I spend hours perfecting. The fact that so many of my fellow Americans are tone deaf to a true talent says more about our loss than any shortcoming by X Japan. I have an old Etude magazine from the 19th Century with an article about how the Japanese will never develop an ability in the field of classical music because they lack access to the instruments of a symphony or orchestra. I read it and laugh!

stop being so ignorant | Reviewer: yukihana | 3/31/11

just so you know(u know who u are),English is a second language here in Asia but still Toshi's english is good and clear enough.even if he did messed up,it's totally understandable.but then again, what if he cant speak English??

as for Toshi's singing being "illegible",have u seen them live??go search for X Japan Last Live on YouTube then see for yourself.. they are truly a musician and a performer =)

you said the lyric aint making sense sometimes.. (=.=")just because the way it was written are not what you're used to, it doesnt mean that it aint making sense.instead of making such conclusion, how about you reread the lyric, i mean, please read between the line + maybe while listening to the song too =) maybe only then you can understand and maybe relate to the music =)

as for the X Japan/Dream Theater comparison, to each its own man =) you might say A Change of Seasons is the best song ever but for me and other fans, Art Of Life is the's all down to personal preference and taste.just because you dont like Art of Life, doesnt make the song any less perfect =)

we are X!!

p/s: sorry for my broken English..not my first language =)

Simply miraculous, one of the best songs ever | Reviewer: DJ Blaze | 7/30/10

Everything about this song is perfect. It is crafted by true musical artisans. The fact that they play it live perfectly does nothing more but add to the epicness of this anthem. Long live X Japan, and R.I.P. Hyde, we miss you.

THE GREATEST SONG EVER! | Reviewer: Sarthak | 6/6/10

"Art of Life" is the most wonderfully structured song I've ever listened to.. And.. TOSHI'S VOCALS ARE THE BEST... HE'S MY FAVOURITE VOCALIST... HE HAS GOT THE MOST MELODIC VOCALS EVER AND HIS SCREAMS (some of thevisual kei style songs have 'em) ARE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER VOCALIST! I WON'T BEAR A WORD AGAINST HIM... HIS ENGLISH IS FAR MORE CLEARER THAN ARTISTS LIKE AKON (Shit), MICK JAGGER (RS forever), JAMES HETFIELD (Metallica <3), ETC.!

Yoshiki is a living God... He's the maestro pianist and drummer... The piano solo is the greatest one I've ever lent my ears to.. The sweet melodic piano riff switching into the faster and louder piano excellently depicts the two states of mind... The wilder state taking control over the instinct... It's just the greatest ever ballad!

Hideto "hide" Matsumoto's guitar solo is more than just awesome.. It starts with a slow riff which turns into a fast progression...

The drum portions fit exactly with the song...

HASN'T THERE BEEN ANY OTHER SONG TILL DATE DESCRIBING A HUMAN BEING'S LIFE PERFECTLY... Almost EVERY person on this Earth can connect this song to his/her life.. If (s)he can't, then (s)he's not a human being!

The live concert (Tokyo Dome '93) was truly marvellous... And Yoshiki ruled over the song... And it's difficult to start with a piano, then shift to drums, come back to the piano and then go back to the drums again!

It was heart-rending to see Yoshiki fall in the reunion concert after playing the drums... He missed the piano solo (the song continued without him)... But the most-dedicated musician of all time can't leave such petty things so easily... X played the song again the next day! Yoshiki had fallen then due to some heart problem...

P.S. A proof to Yoshiki's dedication : He has some problem with his shoulders now (He's not that young after all!) and has been instructed not to play the drums. But that dedicated person wears a kind of a belt (most people suffering from shoulder/back injuries wear that) and plays the drums...
Dream Theater is good... For me X Japan is better than DT... But, they are incomparable... They are different! :-)

Wow! | Reviewer: Troy | 1/22/10

Honestly one of my favorite songs of it's length, right up their with songs like A Change of Seaons and Echoes (yes, I like both X Japan AND Dream Theater, it's possible). I actually just realised that this song was in english, not japanese, which made me like it even more.

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