Arsis Albums

  • We Are The Nightmare Album (4/29/2008)
    We Are The Nightmare
    Shattering The Spell
    Sightless Wisdom
    Servants To The Night
    Failing Winds Of Hopeless Greed
    Progressive Entrapment
    A Feast For The Liar's Tongue
    My Oath To Madness
    Failure's Conquest

  • United In Regret Album (11/7/2006)
    Oh, The Humanity
    ...and The Blind One Came
    United In Regret
    I Speak Through Shadows
    Lust Before The Maggots Conquest
    The Marriage Bed
    The Cold Resistance
    The Things You Said
    Hopeless Truth

  • A Diamond For Disease Album (10/18/2005)
    A Diamond For Disease
    Roses On White Lace
    The Promise Of Never

  • A Celebration Of Guilt Album (7/8/2004)
    The Face Of My Innocence
    Maddening Disdain
    Seven Whispers Fell Silent
    Worship Depraved
    Carnal Ways To Recreate The Heart
    Dust And Guilt
    Elegant and Perverse
    The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
    Looking To Nothing
    Wholly Night

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