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The Velvet Teen Around The Roller Rink Lyrics

Last updated: 12/12/2007 11:00:00 AM

let's stay in bed
for the whole day
don't want to go
don't want to go
we won't regret
what we're wasting
and i know now
where i fit in
and though the day
we slowly sink
in the time it takes
to swallow or blink
if you have a thirst
but you do not drink
what use have you
come, fill your glass
with me
surely, i would pass away
if i let you go
if i let you go home
without me
it's an addiction
just one more time
just one more taste
and though the dance
is as slow as sleep
and i don't know
whether i follow or lead
it's the best thing
that could ever be
just to hold your hand
and waltz around the roller rink
Thanks to Couirey Eckmayer / for submitting Around The Roller Rink Lyrics.