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Perhaps the most reflective moments of our lives are lived in the minutes before sleep completely drowns out our consciousness. We are forced to face our thoughts and at the same timeadmit that sleep will soon wash them all away. Armor for Sleep is about capturing these moments.

It's rare these days to find a band that interlaces a theme or common thread throughout the lyrical fabric of its songwriting. And it is precisely this regard for literary techinique that immediately sets Armor for Sleep apart from so many of its contemporaries. Singer and songwriter, Ben Jorgensen's lyrics abound with images of space, time-travel, and dreams. He incoparates these metaphorical motifs throughout many of his songs to express solitude and disaffection in a manner that not only shedsnew light on these ideas, but also poignantly hits the proverbial nail ont he head. Jorgensen correlates emotional alienation to physical insignificance in the scope of the cosmos,he sees the worldof escape but also of trepidation and he uses the bitter cold of winter to parallel the bitter cold of human condition.

Musically, Armor for Sleep's style is dark and delicate, but at the same time painfully distant. The guitars can be as remote as the lyrics and then unexpectedly explode into melodic phrases. There is a , meticulously crafted dynamic of ambient and airy spaces combined with choruses that are heavy and driving and at times reminiscent of early Sunny Day Real Estate. The amazing thing though, is how infectious the songs are, and how they can be so without being the least bit poppy or generic. The songwriting will immediately draw you in, but it is the vocals that keep you there. Jorgensen's voice has a quality and a natural tone that soothes, but at the same time overruns with anxiety as one notices the intense emotion fueling it.

A year and a half ago, while spending a summer isolated from everything his room and his mother's accoustiv guitar, Ben Jorgensen decided to translate his feelings of disafection and indifference into songs. Playing all the instruments himself, Jorgensen recorded two songs at a nearby recording studio for one hundred dollars. A month later he entered a whole new realm of alienation as a freshman in college. Joregensen's shy nature precluded him from making many friends and thus had trouble finding people to start a band with. After several unsucessful attempts, Joregensen finally found three other people who were not only skilled and experienced players, but also shared his philosophies on music and friendship. He enlisted Anthony DiInno to play bass and cousins Nash Breen and P.J. DeCicco to play drums and guitar, respectively.

Like any other band trying to get started, Armor for Sleep began playing shows and circulating homemade copies of their demo. But soon an unprecedented buzz grew around the band that saw kids showing an inmass numbers with A and R guys in toe courting the band for major labels.

In the summer of 2002, in the midst of all the frenzy and commotion, Armor picked up and left for California to record an album that would be their debut. They stayed on friend's floors and couches for a month while working diligently to finish 11 songs that would come constitute to the album, Dream to Make Believe. When they returned, int he fall with the fruits of their labor in-hand they were more confident in who they were in a band and what they wanted.

Before leaving California,Armor had with indie label Equal Vision Records and was impressed with the ethics and ideals by which the company was run. That along with the label's hard work and willingness to give the band a great deal for control led to Armor for Sleep to decide on Equal Vision as its home.

At this time, copies of Dream to Make Believe were being circualted among kids and members of other bands, and soon Armor for Sleep was receiving tour offers wihtout even having any sort of record out. Armor got a chance to tour with: Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Recover, Piebald, Hey Mercedes, and played with countless others. The things that was msot rewarding, and perhaps most bizarre, is that at so many of these shows, kids in far away states were coming out to see Armor for Sleep play, and were singing along to songs they had downloaded from copies of their first demo.

It is not uncommon to see a band develop a good buzz and grow quickly, but it is virtually unheard of for this kind of hype to surround a band that has yet to release even a single. If all this commotion is any indication of things to come, then the future will be promising for this group of four kids from New Jersey. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is to make music that is sincere and that connects the band to strangers-and to be able to do so under your own terms. At the tender age of 19 and 20, the members of Armor for Sleep seem to already mastered the art and learned valuable lessons in the business of music. And they haven't even started yet. Dream to Make Believe is scheduled for release in early summer 2003 on Equal Vision.

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i love the band | Reviewer: lotteke(dutch) | 11/9/09

it's like the songs are made for me, especially "remember to be real" i heard it, and it came exactly on the right time. their songs helped me through some hard times. i love you!! but i hate it that they disbanded..:[

Smile | Reviewer: Deanna | 10/23/07

I love and respect the band Armor For Sleep. There lyrics saved my life once. Their music is sooooooo diffrent from what I was use to. I really recomend this band 100%. Ohh.... listen to thier song Williamsburg, don't ask how I know but It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Love you.8)

you know you love them too!!! | Reviewer: Brittney (i know i hate it too...) | 7/12/07

my favourite band. great review!!-very deep, the way i like it.

Armor for sleep | Reviewer: Zack | 4/12/07

I am a realy guitar player and musican thats also in VPA music classes , armor for sleep guitar made me get even better and my friends like them cause the beat isnt some stupid blink182 to think"before they got Travis barker" Armor for sleep inspires me to keep going.

3 cheers for AFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 | Reviewer: heartgirl11 | 8/15/06

Armor for sleep rocks! I just love all of there songs. It helps that they are sexy *wink* Call Me

O.M.GOZ I TOTALLY FREAKING HEART ARMOR FOR SLEEP <333 | Reviewer: Kelsey J. | 5/19/06

There are the beststststs band ever. These people will blow your mind of!!!!!
They know more about music and melody then any other band EVA!!!!
Ben jorgensen= sexa to the max and really now's how to kick it on stage
he is the nicest sweetest guy
and the others in the band are just about as rad
they are the next big ting I swear
id jump off a bridge for these fagzzz
they are also not just hot but toooootaly kicking it on stage!!!!!
Ben really knows how to rock my sox off!!!!!!
Both there cd’s eill really make you think…. About life and love, there is no band that kcan do tthat for me…accept AFS…. They WILL go far….

Im there biggest fan.Be jealous.

Armor for Sleep Rocks!!! | Reviewer: Cortney | 4/7/06

I Love Armor for Sleep! They have awesome freakin music...i especially love the song "Car Underwater" It is Awesome... This Band deserves a standing ovation...Oh, Wait...I already gave them like 1000 of

Why this band rocks | Reviewer: Breleec At | 3/2/06

I love this band because they can unlock the dorr to your mind, heart and soul... they can take what feels like your emotions and put words and sound to them, then shares them with world for all to put a sound and feeling to what it is you are feeling inside. Their music soars and flys and they can take you on a journey and you will enjoy the journey as much as the destination

There are very few artist out there that can put together a solid "whole" CD that sounds good and just rocks your world. Armor for Sleep did that with "What To Do When You Are Dead", so please give it a listen and tell your friends!!!

I Love Arnor for Sleep | Reviewer: Barbie and Ken | 1/5/06

We Love Armor For Sleep they are the best
love Barbie and Ken the jiggalo

addicting....... | Reviewer: Dawn | 11/29/05

these guys are just hard to put down. i listen to them for hours straight, try to take a break, and they just keep playin in my head, so then i have to put my headphones back on. can't get enough.

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