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Arlo Guthrie was born with a guitar in one hand and a
harmonica in the other, in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
in 1947. He is the eldest son of America's most beloved
singer/writer/philosopher Woody Guthrie and Marjorie Mazia
Guthrie, a professional dancer with the Martha Graham
Company and founder of The Committee to Combat Huntington's
Disease. He grew up surrounded by dancers and musicians:
Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman and Lee Hays
(The Weavers), Leadbelly, Cisco Houston, Ramblin' Jack
Elliott, Sonny Terry and More...

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Review about Arlo Guthrie songs
Best version of this Steve Goodman classic | Reviewer: Pete
    ------ About the song The City of New Orleans performed by Arlo Guthrie

In 1971 it was easy to see that the railroads in America were past their days of glory. Steve Goodman captured this sentiment in this song. And, while he continued to play it until his death, no other rendition of the song conveys the haunting sadness of the railroad's demise as well as Arlo Guthrie's version does.

In my opinion, there is no better release than in "Hobo's Lullaby" (released in 1972), by Arlo Guthrie. If you love this song and don't have it, at least listen to this version.

Actually.. | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Stealin' performed by Arlo Guthrie

If you read the wiki article there appears to be some debate about that, the song dates from the '20s, but it sounds as if it were a conglomeration of lyrics used in other songs, some by him, some not.. but he claims "put your arms around me like a circle round the sun" as being his. but you're definitely right about it being a fun song that nobody should ever shy away from singing if they want to.

Times really haven't changed. | Reviewer: Rosemary W
    ------ About the song Presidential Rag performed by Arlo Guthrie

I saw Arlo perform this in concert over thirty years ago and I listened to it again today and realized most of the lyrics are still relevant today. Some names and places may change but a lot just stays the same.

Gus Cannon got there first | Reviewer: Susan Walker
    ------ About the song Stealin' performed by Arlo Guthrie

Much as I admire Arlo Guthrie, anyone who stumbled on this page might come away with the impression that the song is Arlo's own.
Gus Cannon did it way back and I suspect that versions of the song had been doing the rounds for a while even then. This is a classic old time blues and I don't think anyone should be shy of singing it where and whenever whether for "educational purposes" or not.

Oh wow | Reviewer: Scarlet letters
    ------ About the song Alice's Restaurant performed by Arlo Guthrie

My sister told me about this song then my brother burst out singing bits of I decided while I'm looking for it I woud just look up the lyrics an....OMG! They're so right. It's hilerious. I can't wiat till I find it!

Funniest Damn Thing | Reviewer: Michael Matthews
    ------ About the song The Motorcycle Song (the Significance Of The Pickle) performed by Arlo Guthrie

This is among the funniest damn things I've ever heard.
I'll be at Bass Hall in Fort Worth on March 12, 2008, and I hope Arlo relates "the significance of the pickle" live. Thanks for the laughs, ole buddy.

My take | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Alice's Restaurant performed by Arlo Guthrie

Brilliant entertainment! I wish we had more of this today, instead of all the junk some sing about. As far as the content, it's a little skewed in it's view, but using extremes to make a point (as long as you realize it to be so) is ok. Next, don't ASS-u-me (dumb ass) that the dump is open and deal with your mistake legally. As far as the war stuff, a lot of bad things happened all around. None of the wrongs justify each other. We still must take a stand for what's right.

no war, no more! | Reviewer: sweet "j"
    ------ About the song Alice's Restaurant performed by Arlo Guthrie

great protest song,portraying bureaucracy at it's bungling best. where are the singer/songwriter's and the sprit of protest today? censored by the corporate/government/media conglomerate that control's what the consumer driven public think's , or more correctly, doesn't think!

Great Song and Lyrics | Reviewer: Maureen
    ------ About the song When a Soldier Makes It Home performed by Arlo Guthrie

This song was updated at the Bethel Woods Concert Center, the same property that the Original Woodstock Festival was held .
Arlo sang it Saturday August 18, 2007 and was wonderful. The song itself is for real and heartbreaking.

Lovely Song | Reviewer: 4k
    ------ About the song Jamaica Farewell performed by Arlo Guthrie

The last sentence : And the rum is good anytime of year. It's "fine" not good.

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