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With a name that means 'hidden knowledge," it should come
as little surprise that London-based quartet Arkarna take
an almost alchemical approach to making music. Effortlessly
mixing classic and modern pop influences into a pop-savvy,
guitar-drenched, beat-heavy brew, Arkarna's songs hold up
equally well on the radio, dancefloor or the live concert
stage-as their critically-acclaimed performances have
proven. At a time when the industry and the media More...

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love it | Reviewer: cody
    ------ About the song The Future's Overrated performed by Arkarna

This song is my all time fav. There is no other song that beats this one well except for So little time but still. The song has a very nice beat to it and the whole meaning of it can be different depending on the person. Like me for example. The song means to me that we should just relax and let life takes its cousre. Yeah bad things happen but all will be well in the end so its ok to cry and be sad but just move on.

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