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Kings Of Leon Arizona Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2012 02:52:32 AM

That taste
All I ever needed
All I ever wanted
Too dumb to surrender

She shakes
Like I'm on a railway
Checking me out
With someone on her shoulder

Her lamp flickers in her bedroom
She must feel as awkward
Oh,as Arizona

Now go
Stand up to a giant
Say that I'm a fighter
Too drunk to remember
Too drunk to...

Shake hands...

My face
Is laying on the pavement
Tasting something awful
I hate when that happens

She waits
Thinking that it's sexy
She must be plum crazy
I kind of think I like her
I kind of think I do...

Thanks to Patty Becker for submitting Arizona Lyrics.

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homage to the band | Reviewer: spanky | 7/11/2007

this is a truly brilliant song with wonderful guitars and vocals. The guys have matured so much since their first album and this song wraps up an ambitious and brave collection of songs unlike anything they have previously attempted. Arizona is one of those twisted love songs and it could of been written by the great man himself Robbie Robertson. The Kings are starting to sound like they have been influenced by The Band more and more and that really cant be a bad thing. Keep going boys, you rock.

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