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(Born 25th March 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee)

The fate of gospel music was forever altered in 1956 when a
14-year-old choir girl named Aretha first belted out
"Precious Lord" for a congregation of 4,500 at Detroit's
New Bethel Baptist Church. What followed this conception of
the legendary "Lady Soul" is nothing short of amazing grace
-- more than a dozen million-selling singles, 20 No. 1 R&B
hits, a cover story in Time, a civil rights award from
Martin Luther King Jr., a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame, 15 Grammys (including a More...

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Review about Aretha Franklin songs
just listen and wonder | Reviewer: bowerswolf
    ------ About the song See Saw performed by Aretha Franklin

A song among my all time favourites wonderfully sung by Aretha but also by Don Covay just brilliant how many songs this old get your heart racing YOUR LOVE IS LIKE A SEE SAW Aretha I have loved your singing for a long time and will hae yousinging when i leave this mortal coil

The beauty of her songs | Reviewer: Aretha
    ------ About the song Ever Changing Times performed by Aretha Franklin

I am aretha too..i was named after aretha louis frankin..i am 17years old.i like the way aretha sings..she is a role model to me..i wish one day i could meet her..she sings like an angel up in the u aretha

Feel like a natural woman | Reviewer: Maureen Magreth
    ------ About the song You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman performed by Aretha Franklin

It is an exceptional feeling to "feel like a Natural woman", only woman can relate to being naturally woman, being in tough with yourself, be naturally you. If situations can allow all of us being natural at all time, how much peace we would have within ourselves. I think it needs to be explained that everyone can find that space, that environment to be completely happy, be yourself without necessarily encroaching on somebody elses space or happyness. Be at peace with the Universe, feel naturally you.

hierarchy?? | Reviewer: michael
    ------ About the song Think performed by Aretha Franklin

It is definitely "high IQ" as the meaning of hierarchy has a meaning of 'an arrangement of items' which is out of context as the stanza before refers to a psychiatrist and doctor with a degree which requires a 'high IQ' the only list is one of people with high IQs....

Lyric Correction | Reviewer: Mikael-Tyrone Stafford
    ------ About the song Since You've Been Gone performed by Aretha Franklin

The correct lyrics for the phrase "I'm praying, take me back..." is actually: "I'm trying, take me back...". This one word always had be confused until I began to analyze the meaning of this song. In other words, Aretha is apologizing and attempting to get another chance. In her attempt, she is trying.

Aretha Jones? | Reviewer: TwentyNineafewX
    ------ About the song Killing Me Softly performed by Aretha Franklin

I thought the last singer mentioned in the article is named Aretha Franklin not Aretha Jones. I could be wrong, but I thought the article was pretty accurate with stating that Ms. Flack sang it second in '73 and it first came out in '71. It's a great song and many artists have entertained us with many renditions. I believe Ms. Flack received the most recognition for her rendition.

Sheet Music Owner | Reviewer: Stephanie
    ------ About the song Think performed by Aretha Franklin

I have the sheet music from a reputable source and it is High IQ - although I'm pretty sure Linda is the only one in the world whoever thought it was Hierarchy. I would normally never comment on one of these, but that is just the craziest thing I have ever heard!
There is one correction, according to the sheet music it's:
"There ain't nothin' you could ask
I could answer you with I WANT (I WANT)
If You keep doin' things I don't (don't)"
That's what the music I have says. It really doesn't matter what you say there as long as you kill it as a singer! But if you say "Hierarchy" instead of High IQ you'll lose a few points with your audience (and the band if they're paying attention).

Demanding respect, as a different pace | Reviewer: Aries Dave
    ------ About the song Do Right Woman, Do Right Man performed by Aretha Franklin

This was the b-side to Franklin's breakthrough Atlantic hit (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You) in January 1967.

And something NEW it was. We loved the Motown girls, and continued to, but most of their records came down to 'he's breaking my heart and I don't know what to do-hoo'. One got an entirely different impression with Aretha.

Her songs too often spoke of troubled romances, but when an Aretha record detailed love hitting some rocks, you felt less sad for her, than worried for the guy who was doing her wrong. Even at her most broken-hearted, this was a woman with an unshakeable sense of self-worth, and it came through every time she sang.

What lay ahead was an astonishing string of successes, and if you were lucky, like me, you were just hitting your teen years as Aretha's momentum gathered.

the song speaks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Think performed by Aretha Franklin

about someone knowin someone for a long time and now fell in lov but came to know that you don't have to know your childhood friend that much that he won't mistreat you and she talks also about people who'l go around evry day playin games and keepin scores,tryin to make other people loose their minds so she said be careful cus you could loose yours just think about all things that you'l be doin be also free in doin it,just a litlle lov song there and there.

WTF Linda? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Think performed by Aretha Franklin

Really? Heirarchy? Are you partially deaf and or stupid? That's not the part of the song most sites got wrong. The one line people always get wrong is "playin games and takin scores. Tryin a make other people lose their minds, well be careful you don't lose yours." but never heirarchy. Anyway I love this song and am playing it in band.

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