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The Unseen Are We Dead Yet? Lyrics

Last updated: 08/03/2007 12:00:00 PM

there's a heat down on the street
and it's radiating through my feet
there will be trouble in allston tonight
there's a kid with a silent shout
'cause he's livin' off of hand to mouth
hey generation. i'm talkin' to YOU.

are we dead yet?

street lamps flicker and the young wolves wail
as the vultures drag another off to jail
if they had their way you know
we would've been dead 20 years ago
do you think they really care about you?

are we dead yet?

how's this for an answer?

There'll be trouble in the city today.

are we dead yet? NO!

Hows this for an answer? FUCK YOU! CUNT!

There'll be trouble in your city tonight.

Don't wanna be born.
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