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Arcturus was founded originally as a side project for
members of various brutal Norweigen black metal bands such
as Ulver, Emperor and the notorious Mayhem. Their first
release was a 7" single put out in 1991, entitled My Angel,
which created a significant underground buzz in the
burgeoning Scandinavian metal scene. By 1993's mini album,
Constellation, Emperor's Samoth and Ulver's Garm joined
founding member Hellhammer (of Mayhem) to establish the
band as a real "supergroup" of sorts. Again, this album
continued underground More...

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Review about Arcturus songs
Amazing is an understatement | Reviewer: Shahir
    ------ About the song The Chaos Path performed by Arcturus

This song is wow... Simply put, one of the most unique and compelling metal songs I've heard. It's like an astral circus, sprawling deep into the human psyche and conjuring twisted and absurd images. The guitar and synth keyboards work perfectly together to give the listener an out-of-this-mortal-world experience, while Garm and ICS Vortex deliver a perfectly crazy vocal duo, which puts it together to make a perfect song. Really, the whole La Masquerade Infernale album is amazing but this song, in my opinion, is the crowning masterpiece of what Arcturus tried to do.

masterpiece | Reviewer: Raka
    ------ About the song Kinetic performed by Arcturus

this songs takes me into outer space every time I listen to it.... it's just magical... Arcturus is the best band ever made, hope they reunite in 2011., I would give my life for more masterpieces like this one!!!

hibernation sickness | Reviewer: Anthony swift
    ------ About the song Hibernation Sickness Complete performed by Arcturus

i hope that hibernation sickness is the name of the song and not the name of the band. because i am the singer in a heavy rock band by the name of Hibernation Sickness. check us out on our Hibernation Sickness Myspace website

Icebound streams and vapours grey | Reviewer: david
    ------ About the song Icebound Streams and Vapours Grey performed by Arcturus

Simply.. this is one of the greatest songs ever created. It is almost exactly like "wintry grey" except it seems like the keyboards are alot heavier and the vocals are very unique. Defintly my favorite Arcturus song to date, maybe even my favorite song of all time! check it out.

Winrty Grey - A song for the ages | Reviewer: Corey Walter
    ------ About the song Wintry Grey performed by Arcturus

Wintry Grey is a great song both instrumentally and vocally. The words flow together like no other song that i have heard. The percussion and sound effects throughout the song were utterly amazing in the way that i can't explain. The thundering effect closer to the end helps further the mood for the song. If you are starting to listen to this band i really recommend this song. Ten out of Ten.

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