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Archive were formed by Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths in
1994 from the ashes of UK breakbeat act Genaside II.
Together with female singer Roya Arab and young rapper
Rosko John, the band released their first album "Londinium"
on Island Records in 1996, a mix of dark Trip-Hop (in the
same vein as Massive Attack), rap and alternative rock. The
album received moderate critical acclaim, but due to
internal dispute the band split up later that year.

However, in 1997 Keeler and Griffiths reformed Archive with
another female singer More...

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Review about Archive songs
perect | Reviewer: snail
    ------ About the song Fuck U performed by Archive

der song ist perfekt und beschreibt genau meine gefühle und gedanken für eine bestimmte person...ich hör den song mindestens einmal am tag...danke für den geilen song!

Masterpiece? | Reviewer: ProgShout
    ------ About the song Again performed by Archive

Again by Archive is truly a masterpiece and one of the greatest songs of all time. The short (radio) version is equal to a movie trailer. The complexity of Again and the layers of physical and mental triggers creating a emotional journey. The underlying melodic beat is a masterpiece. A incredible musical drug

Rod you are wrong | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Again performed by Archive

Its a Masterpiece correct, but only the long version with the long lasting progression. The magic touch of this song goes lost without these like u said. "nonsense tones"! Only the 16 Minute version can take you on a journey u never forget ;-) just my experience

To my only love.. | Reviewer: Fea
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Archive

I wish you knew how much pain it gave me that last goodbye I had to tell you.. I told you 'don't call me again, I need some time to mess around..' Only if you knew what the truth is..

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Rod Salazar
    ------ About the song Again performed by Archive

I really like this song. It is dramatic, melodically sweet an progressively intense. Hear the short version. The Long version loses a lot of dignity and gets some non-sense tones and screams. Comletely unnecesary.

fucking great song , and a perfect text | Reviewer: ali tayeban
    ------ About the song Finding It So Hard performed by Archive

when I pay attention to this kind of music I've become free from my shail...I'm running away from some things that they are so hard.
from a broken heart, I'm trying to fly from the top of a tower , when I'm listening archive musics...
tnx , archive u are greate

Amazing! | Reviewer: Shubhendu Singh
    ------ About the song Bulets performed by Archive

Thanks to Cyberpunk 2077 trailer i get this amazing song.
Devs song choices are soo good, i remember the FARCRY 2 trailer's song.
Man tht was amazing,(Massive Attack - Angel).
And again, this song roxx.
And you guys have to watch the trailer, looks exactly what lyrics says.

Bullets | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bulets performed by Archive

This song is a gem. Thanks to little teaser trailer, its been rediscovered. Archive... r u Ready for fan response to this song?

Everyone Everywhere
Everyone Everywhere
Everyone Everywhere

Personal Responsibility

an s. | Reviewer: t.
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Archive

Jetzt ist es also soweit. Ich wollt's vermeiden, dass es so weit kommt. ich weiß nicht, ob du das auch wolltest.
Jetzt ist es zu spät und es tut weh, es tut einfach nur weh.
Ja, mag sein, ich reagiere zu heftig und übertreibe, aber ich ertrage es nicht, wenn du mich weiterhin so arschlochmäßig behandelst. Ich geb' also auf, überlass dir das Feld, werd' dich nicht weiter belästigen.
Du hast, was du wolltest. Ich war's offensichtlich nicht.

in love with this song | Reviewer: hellen
    ------ About the song Fuck U performed by Archive

all the lyrics seem so hateful but i think its more like heartbroken persons anger.. i used to be like that hated everything bout one person and now when i listen to it i can totally understand... the song is amazing.....

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