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"Absolutely bloody gargantuan" - Kerrang!
"A startlingly confident level of finesse and ferocity" -
"Our brightest hopes; a blueprint for the future of metal"
- Front
"How and when did they get so good?" - Kerrang!

Since their formation in late 2004, Brighton, England
quintet ARCHITECTS have been on a continual ascendancy from
the depths of the UK's metal and hardcore underground to
leaders of the scene.

Writing, recording and releasing their debut album
'Nightmares' while the members were only 17 years old,
Architects' blend of technical metal, melodic hardcore and More...

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Great lyrics | Reviewer: Jonas
    ------ About the song Save Me performed by Architects

For me, this song is about a friend who could be on the edge of suicide. So he tells this friend he'll find hope (he already found it). He could even "get hands around his fucking neck" to save his friend from suicide, because he is the only one he trusts. Then, the most beautiful part: "you'll find hope scribbled in scrap pieces of paper" reminds me the quote "luck is delivered at 5 o' clock in the morning" (which means to me that the best things, including hope or luck, are not always easy to get, as well as scribbles are hard to understand, even more if they are on scrap pieces)
Well... At least is what I feel when I listen to this song. I can even cry bro is so... Deep...

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