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Sweden's supergroup ARCH ENEMY is back with a new
masterpiece of melodic yet brutal metal, entitled "Wages Of
Sin". For the first time in the history of extreme metal an
established act like ARCH ENEMY has replaced the dropped
vocalist Johan Liiva with a she, a female . Her name is
Angela Gossow and her extraordinary vocal-range - from deep
growls to aggressive screams - gives the new album "Wages
Of Sin" the final, deadly touch.

The band's three previous studio albums "Black Earth",
"Stigmata", "Burning Bridges" have made an More...

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Review about Arch Enemy songs
GET A LIFE?? | Reviewer: Lath
    ------ About the song Nemesis performed by Arch Enemy

Thats what all about u see? I want to get a life! Without having this "religion murders" and disorder of this religion conflict... The religion is making a chaos between its believers and who oppose it right? And still this religion context supposed to make people live happy and prosper right? But its clearly disorder itself.. So simple, look its theory and how it works practically.. The all mighty god didnt know it when sending religion to people? Was it the term of his internship? And he got his fault and sent others and others? Was all those updates supposed to make us live happier... Just stop being naive and try to be better humanbeings. Just to be good, not to have apprecciation of some delusional power, live and let live.. it all matters...

gets me everytime | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Apocalypse performed by Arch Enemy

So the devil is a woman..... Best voice awesome stage presence and grindy fat riffs with the bass drops and drums to match.... I need nothing else for that 4minutes and 20 seconds.....

This is a truly masterpiece | Reviewer: Eduardo
    ------ About the song Silverwing performed by Arch Enemy

I just wanted to know more about this magnific song.
The lyrics are motivational ... the music is powerful and melodic very very harmonic.

I think this kind of music should never go unnoticed.

sacrifice | Reviewer: Lewis
    ------ About the song Ravenous performed by Arch Enemy

I think its more like eating a random person so as to have a "concrete" christic cannibalism. This is a sacrifice. this is not good thing to try : eating human is illegal and disgusting.
So i think the song is about it . Asagi from D sings a similar thing in Vampire Missa.
as usually in arch enemy, i prefer the music rather than the lyrics (i think they are not enough refined). as usual in Death metal I guess...

Awesome Pathetic | Reviewer: Jono The John
    ------ About the song The Day You Died performed by Arch Enemy

This is the song that touched my deep heart . !
I loke Arch Enemy ..

p is right you know ('.') | Reviewer: I don't do it!
    ------ About the song Nemesis performed by Arch Enemy

Bitches please get a life I dunno how can you manage to read all these comments then comment on them!!! You listen to arch enemy you did the hard part, now all you need to do is GET A LIFE

BEST | Reviewer: magofogo
    ------ About the song My Apocalypse performed by Arch Enemy

I get a chill on the spine whenever the sonar pulse comes in!! Greatest metal song ever!! Those Amott brothers sure can play and miss Gossow is very gifted with that voice of hers!!

Long live Arch Enemy!!!

honestly? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nemesis performed by Arch Enemy

we all know that primitive man mistook travellers from the unknown (space) as gods from heaven, they gifted us with the knowledge to create whole civilisations,over time the story was obscured by those who wished for control and used the power of the travellers as a tool for control.

this is god.

Wrong | Reviewer: P
    ------ About the song Nemesis performed by Arch Enemy

Just cause i see people going on about god and stuff here - this is not about such a thing.

Its about people standing up against the system and taking their rights and the world back from ruling class, and creating an anarchist society.

Arch Enemy is a leftist band you see, idk how anyone can not get that from listening to their music.

seasons of life | Reviewer: ark
    ------ About the song Instinct performed by Arch Enemy

Honestly and straightly; Painful world, try to understand suffering, ask why to yourself? seek truth, the way to peace/joy is through pain and suffering, make it a stepping stone!

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