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Arch Enemy Biography

Last updated: 03/17/2012 12:00:00 PM

Sweden's supergroup ARCH ENEMY is back with a new masterpiece of melodic yet brutal metal, entitled "Wages Of Sin". For the first time in the history of extreme metal an established act like ARCH ENEMY has replaced the dropped vocalist Johan Liiva with a she, a female . Her name is Angela Gossow and her extraordinary vocal-range - from deep growls to aggressive screams - gives the new album "Wages Of Sin" the final, deadly touch.

The band's three previous studio albums "Black Earth", "Stigmata", "Burning Bridges" have made an enormous impact on the extreme music scene of the late 90's with respectable world-wide sales, highly acclaimed shows and amazing reviews to back it up.

ARCH ENEMY is perhaps the finest example of a pure metal band, one that possesses sheer aggression, technical wit and a catchy songwriting approach. With "Wages Of Sin" ARCH ENEMY is out for world domination with an improved line-up consisting of Michael Amott and his brother Christopher on guitars, Angela Gossow on vocals, drummer Daniel Erlandsson and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo.

To simply write about ARCH ENEMY's accomplishment of blending classic metal with thrash and death-metal flavours does the band absolutely no justice. For the truth was made clear in 1996 when the band released their "Black Earth" debut in Europe which displayed their unique, melodic rhythms and progressive beats, chilling dual-guitar harmonies and powerful, belting vocals. Produced by Fredrik Nordstrom (At The Gates, Hammerfall), Black Earth completely shook up the metal world and left fans amazed and wanting more.

In 1997 the band entered the studio again with producer Fredrik Nordstrom to record the "Stigmata" album. Containing more mature songwriting but with a raw and primitive production style, "Stigmata" was an inviting record for metal fans of all kind.

ARCH ENEMY's third studio album "Burning Bridges" was yet another example of the band's unstoppable musical talent and vision. Gathering the very best elements of death, thrash and progressive metal and adding an incredible sense of melodic balance. Over the last few years the band has become the biggest and most successful extreme metal band in Japan ever, a fact that the band celebrated by recording a live album, "Burning Japan" on their third tour of Japan in 1999 and releasing it in 2000 (in Japan only).

In autumn 2000 ARCH ENEMY split up from former vocalist Liiva, they felt the new album "Wages Of Sin" demands a much more aggressive, intense vocalist. Fortunately, they spotted the amazing Angela Gossow from Germany, a metal-goddess with a frightening demonic and variable guttural roar.

For "Wages Of Sin" the band returned once again to the familiar surroundings of Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. Although this time the final mix was done in the UK by noted metal producer Andy Sneap, known for his great work with bands like Testament, Nevermore and Stuck Mojo. Andy Sneap added a modern twist to the already well known musical qualities of ARCH ENEMY and made "Wages Of Sin" the hardest and most focused ARCH ENEMY album to date!

Tracks such as "Enemy Within", "Burning Angel" and the vicious "Ravenous" portray the impact of this band, and the buzz on "Wages Of Sin" has already made waves throughout the metal world. The new album is a culmination of hard work and unmatched musicianship, packed with crushing riffs, furious solos, catchy melodies, stylish harmonies, aggressive yet emotional vocal-lines and intelligent lyrics far away from the general metal-clich├ęs.

ARCH ENEMY are stronger than ever and willing to conquer the metal-world once again! Metal is on its way back and ARCH ENEMY is in the frontline!