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I hear your whispers
Break the silence
And it calms me down
Your taste on my lips
Your salty kisses

They say I'm seeking up the danger
That one day you won't let me go
(I'll drown, you'll take me down)

I need you Aquarius
Enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius
'cause you the sea set me free
You call to me Aquarius
(You call to me, you set me free)

I relinquish
To your powers
From your grasp
I just can't hide

I missed the danger
I had to conquer
You made me feel alive

They say I have to be aware
That one day you won't let me go
Take me down


I long for you Aquarius
I need to be with you again
I fear you, Aquarius
My destiny 'till the end



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my point of view about the meaning | Reviewer: Z. | 2/10/12

Well, from my point of view, this song isn't about drug addiction or demon worshiping, and being myself born under the starsign of the Aquarius I think I have enough reasons of being convinced about what I say. Besides, I know many other Aquariuses who just fascinated me with their way of being
"I hear your whispers
Break the silence
And it calms me down
I taste on my lips
Your salty kisses"
means that the Aquarius is a passionate, romantic person, but on the other hand, the salty kisses mean that this person is something more than it lets to be seen. Besides, the first 3 lines show the calming effect of a flowing water in a silent place, somewhere in the heart of the nature, or that of the pouring rain, or why not, the breeze; water being one of the symbols of the Aquarius, though air is its sign.
"They say I'm seeking up the danger
That one day you won't let me go
(I'll drown, you'll take me down)"
The first line shows the unpredictability, and the spontaneous way of being and acting of the Aquarius. So sometimes it might be dangerous. Besides, when these persons fall for someone, they wont let that person go, what actually the second line says. And the 3rd one means that Aquariuses fight with every mean for their goals, even if this means hurting the people most dear to them.
"I need you Aquarius
Enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius
'cause you the sea set me free
You call to me Aquarius
(You call to me, you set me free)"
The first 2 lines here mean the truthful, friendly, and loyal personality of an Aquarius, but also the need for getting out of the daily routine and monotony. Besides it also means that one never can get sick and tired of such a spontaneous and creative person, allways willing of doing something new. They inspire freedom, without fearing that the'll let you go.
"I relinquish
To your powers
From your grasp
I just can't hide

I missed the danger
I had to conquer
You made me feel alive"
Well this 2 stanzas say that Aquariuses are born leaders and they really have the power of achieving their goals, because they have guts, are persevering and no matter what, they never give up. So if you have the same goal, just trust them.
Especially the 2nd stanza means the chalenging personality an Aquarius can have. And just trying to know such a person and discovering things about it, it's more than an adventure that you'll never get bored of. And the conclusion to these 2 explanations I gave, stays right in the last stanza:
"I long for you Aquarius
I need to be with you again
I fear you, Aquarius
My destiny 'till the end"
After all, this is nothing more but a song about being overwhelmingly in love with an Aquarius.
Thank you for reading my oppinion. (I hope it makes sense now)

My point of View | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/11

I have read all of your thoughts about what this song means ...about what aquarius means and most of you sad it means the ocean or the sea and the other sad it means the drugs
i think aquarius he represents the demon ... satan or whatever you call it
there are a group call Masons who think they will rule the wold and they call the age when this happens aquarius and btw they worship the demons .

Aquarius | Reviewer: Woah | 10/11/11

Great song. I think she sings about a man being born beetwen 20 january - 18 february who is aquarius in astrology. She is gemini and it's one of the most compatible combinations. Unfortunately aquarius man are known to be heart breakers and runners when they feel emotions. Somehow it fits!

Aquarius | Reviewer: Jou | 10/10/11

I'm addicted to this song,currently.

This song,if you read into it,it's about how a person thrives for excitement and dangers in life,and Aquarius merely represents the sea,and waves. All in all,the dangerous sea is calling out the excitement within the person's veins.

Meaning | Reviewer: Rose | 4/2/11

When I first heard this song I presumed it was about a person, but while reading through the ideas here I came across one saying it could be about drugs and that seems to fit really well. The way she's putting it is a bit like the person's actually already a little addicted ('And it calms me down') but not even she realizes and people say "Stop, you'll get addicted" ('They say I'm seeking out the danger') but she doesn't really care if she gets addicted ('I relinquish To your powers'). I think the bit about drowning is the overdose and that generally that idea really suits this. But it could also be something no one's thought of yet so idk but good song anyway :L

my veiw | Reviewer: elspeth | 2/9/11

I think the aquarius , wjich is often represented as a water bearer pouring wtaer into a ocean or lake, is soposed to mean somthing along the lins of I need somone to help me get to whatever it is i wants to get to in this song. That said i dont think its death. I think maybe its the unknown

also whoever said the thing and it being for males only is wrong, its gals to, i should know
i am one.

what the song is about | Reviewer: julie brinks | 4/24/10

hi, i love within temptation, loved them since i was a young girl, listening to it with my dad. they have a special place in my heart. anyway, i actually think this song is about drugs. forget the song title it's not important, it's like the song "Aqua - Aquarius" which really IS about drug abuse, and this song describes a drug abuse so perfect, that i can't imagine it to be about anything else. but we all have different opinions, this is just mine. :)

Aquarius | Reviewer: Delia | 3/25/10

The Ocean is merely representative of the Unknown, of forever and eternal mystery. To embrace it you accept the unknown and begin on a new journey into new dreams :)

My boyfriend is an Aquarius and personally, although I love the oceanic symbolism in this song, I think it was made for a male Aquarius ;) They are EXACTLY as described here... just...enchanting being in love with him....

<3 I Love you, Aquarius.

Favorite song! | Reviewer: Dreamer | 1/18/10

I really do love this song, it's just so awesome! I see nothing creepy about it, sorry, but I find it just so...hypnotizing I guess. Hahaha. This wasn't the first song I heard from WT, but I fell in love with it. "See Who I Am" was the first song I heard and it hooked me onto WT. Hahaha, I just love their music in general. Great mix of oprah and symphony with rock. First I've ever heard of it for sure. Hahaha...

Life is about taking some risks!! | Reviewer: Stormovik.UK | 1/1/10

I dont hear anything at all suicidal in this song, quite the reverse! The "ocean" could be your life a whole,where family society etc -the "they say" of the song -have become too overprotective, "risk- averse". Its for YOU and nobody else to decide what risks you take and handle, where these are part of whatever you want to do in life that makes you "feel alive"- Gaining the strength to get in control of you own life is one of the main themes running through WTs amazing "Silent force" as a whole.

Your life , your choice -you either take the plunge into the ocean and live it , or just stay sat on the "safe" shore, watching life pass you by ..only to die of sheer boredom ?!?

Aquarius | Reviewer: R | 9/10/09

I think the obvious answer is that it's about the ocean. . .but I think it can work as comparing someone to an ocean. Being so infatuated with them that they can, and probably will, drown you if you're not careful. Much like the sea.

My Theme Song XD | Reviewer: Kitkat | 7/12/09

For me, I see this song as being absolutely in love with the ocean...

I can't even begin to describe how much this song applies to me. XD I love the ocean more than any other place in the world (lost track of the times I've been told "stop going out so far, you'll get caught in a riptide and drown").

Caitlin<3 | Reviewer: | 7/6/09

I love this song. Within Temptation is probably the best band this day. You could take away the vocals and still love their songs, you could take away the instruments and still love the songs. It doesn't matter what they do, they always sound GREAT. I am pretty sure this song is about the sea.

"I need you Aquarius,
enchanted I will have to stay.
I fear you Aquarius,
cause you the sea set me free.
You call to me Aquarius."

My way of listening to it is that she loves the sea, while still fearing.

"They say I have to be aware,
that one day you won't let me go.
I'll drown, you'll take me down."

Well, that part speaks for itself.

Anyway, awesome song <3
Awesome band <3

great song for the sign | Reviewer: Grace | 1/6/09

im an aquarius and i love within temptation.. now when i 1st heard this song it was so real and deep i thought she was an aquarius because how real it is.. the beat matches up that certain side of an aquarius everything about the song is perfect.. then it old my self but shes calling out for an aquarius so i wasnt sure i thought hey that was very creative if she did because i tend to do that with my songs at times.. she actually a water sign a cancer.. i was with a scorpio for 3 years .. i can see what she means lol .. though cancer is a mutable sign i believe or either cardinal.. now aquarius is a fixed sign along with scorpio taurus n leo.. fixed signs are more like leaders if u read into the fixed signs u will understand it better.. now aquarius is an air sign.. yes but once u know this aquarius everything is like water but its still an air sign making it more intense deeper unpredictable anything u can imagine an aquarius can give it to you besides there time to time long fuses... THE WATER EVENTUALLY COMES OUT... only deep people with knowledge will understand .. besides signs every1 can be a leader and every1 believes in what they believe in but im a well grounded aquarian i know every feeling there is to feel.. so this song is great..shees awesome shes very deep n beautiful n that can be hard to find sometimes because of lies...with in temptation is awesome

differ meaning *3rd attempt* | Reviewer: hadi | 7/28/08

-my 3rd attempts to post review & if it isn't due to lack of my mobile browser then you readers will see this review in very various different beautifull words, grrhh!!- back 2 topic. this "i'll drown, you'll take.." part isn't heard pretty clear. it backtracked, even drowned by the music. and in my opinion it more match to what people say to the character in this song as there is those words writted. I don't get suicidal tendency too. Again, my 3rd apologize, forgive me my english.

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