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"Aqua" was a Scandinavian pop-dance band which consisted of
Lene Grawford Nystrøm (born 2 October 1973, Tønsberg,
Norway), René Dif (born 17 October 1967, Copenhagen,
Denmark) and Claus Norréen (born 5 June 1970,
Charlottenlund, Denmark) and Søren Rasted (born 13 June
1969, Blovstrød, Denmark). Originally known as "Joyspeed",
the group formed in 1995 and released a debut single called
"Itzy Bitsy Spider" in Sweden and Denmark. The single
performed poorly and the group decided to re-think their
plans for success.
Aquarium age

In 1997 More...

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Review about Aqua songs
not sure what to say | Reviewer: liana
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

This is one of the best and amazing song that I have ever heard.I will kindly request all of you to publish more amazing and nice and cool barbie song.I hope you will do.

I love my barbie and her songs | Reviewer: Tejashwini
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

I usually don't like dolls but when i saw barbie i just loved it. when i see any barbie set i just buy it. I have a big barbie set in my home. I love her songs a lot. Daily i go to internet and lesson her songs. I love barbie.

a pretty girl | Reviewer: jenifer crystal
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

hi Barbie this is crystal! am your big big fan! I like your dresses, hair style, way of talking, and so on...... last year I dressed up like you for my birthday. my friends and all said 'you are looking like a Barbie girl'. am very happy. because of you I have changed like this. thank you my dear doll. love uuuuuuuuuu.......

Lyrics about sex | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

The song is catchy, but the lyrics are quite dirty actually. Most people (including me) didn't realise that until they grew up.

Read these:

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

You can touch, you can play, if you say: "I'm always yours"

I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees

Oh, I'm having so much fun!
(Ken) Well Barbie, we're just getting started
Oh, I love you Ken!

Just love the way you are | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

I saw one review where a girl said she changed herself just to look like barbie, just to be a "model" for the people, but a real model that we should follow is the people who accept herself(himself) the way she(he) is, not the people who needs to change the way she(he)looks just to seems like a clone from the actual society, the secret to be special is being original and confident, you have to accept and love the way you are, small, tall, fat, thin.....the real beauty is what you have inside.

i am my nickname barbie | Reviewer: saumya
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

i am the biggest fan of barbie and my nickname is also barbie i have dresses bedsheets lamps each and everything of barbie in my seprrate barbie room wallpaper is also of barbie and its written barbie in bold letters.first i did not look like barbie i was fat and small but now i am thin tall my skin is white and lips are the pinkest in my family.barbie you have changed my life...thank you barbie and love uuuuuuuuu............<3<3<3 just rock it..

i am a best first fan of barbie you know...................... | Reviewer: lincy
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

i can touch my barbie,and play with my barbie. you know i have a big barbie set.she picture is in my cloth and her sticker,and her online dolls,and her wallpaper,i have all the one in barbie. in game also i play only dont see like me in a world. i am a most most most barbie first best fan.i heard the barbie song,i go into a dream like barbie world. bye

lovely moments | Reviewer: Valentina Xavier
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

this song is wonderfull...when i hear this song,i feel like dancing...the 1st time i heard this song,when i was in 3rd standard...and its still one of my favourite...<3 JUST LOVE IT <3 ROCK IT <3

about barbie lyrics | Reviewer: nifemi barbie
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl performed by Aqua

i love barbie and her songs .

everything is aright fro d lyrics and i also learn from it i also sing it along wit me everywhere i go .

im an ugly boy | Reviewer: meli
    ------ About the song Ugly Girl performed by Aqua

funny and awsome and stupid and damn awsome please don't tell my mom about this and i hope you guys like my report im not done so dont leave me please ha dont worry i live in california so i get to go to disney-land and i love you by meli gonzalez i love aqua records and barbie and ken their funny im 28 years old and it awsome in california

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