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"Aqua" was a Scandinavian pop-dance band which consisted of Lene Grawford Nystrøm (born 2 October 1973, Tønsberg, Norway), René Dif (born 17 October 1967, Copenhagen, Denmark) and Claus Norréen (born 5 June 1970, Charlottenlund, Denmark) and Søren Rasted (born 13 June 1969, Blovstrød, Denmark). Originally known as "Joyspeed", the group formed in 1995 and released a debut single called "Itzy Bitsy Spider" in Sweden and Denmark. The single performed poorly and the group decided to re-think their plans for success.
Aquarium age

In 1997 the group became known as Aqua and recorded the "Aquarium" album. The first single released from it was "Barbie Girl", a pop song seemingly about the children's toy but with 'double-meanings' which resulted in Barbie makers Mattel filing a lawsuit against the group (the lawsuit was dismissed in 2003). The single would hit number one across Europe and would also be successful Stateside, going platinum in the US and becoming a rare million seller in the UK.

The follow-up single "Doctor Jones" would also be a UK number one, as would the third release from Aquarium, "Turn Back Time". "Turn Back Time" was taken from the Sliding Doors soundtrack and featured a less 'helium-induced' sound, gaining a lot of radio airplay. The fourth release would be "My Oh My", which didn't hit number one in the UK but was still a hit. The fifth single "Good Morning Sunshine", released in late 1998, performed poorly and made only number 18.
Aquarius and split

After a year of so out of the spotlight Aqua returned in 2000 with a new album, "Aquarius", and a more matured sound with a larger range of styles. The first single release from the album was "Cartoon Heroes", which made number 7 in the UK. This was followed-up by "Around The World", which despite being surprisingly anthemic would flop and make only number 26. Aqua would then perform at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2001, collaborating with the Safri Duo.

A third release from the album, "Freaky Friday" was planned but was pulled at the last minute. In 2001 lead vocalist Lene would collapse on stage and with the peak of Aqua's popularity passed and relationships within the band weakening, Aqua split up in mid-2001.
Post-Aqua career

All four members continued working in the music industry. Lene Grawford Nystrøm would marry Søren Rasted and then release a solo album, "Play With Me", which flopped in Scandinavia (making number 74 in her native Norway). The first single would do well, though, "It's Your Duty" making number three in Denmark. The second single "Pretty Young Thing" was never released. Lene fell pregnant in 2004 with Søren's baby, and put her solo career on hold.

René Dif would also pursue a solo career, releasing "Let It All Out (Push It)" earlier than Lene, in 2002. His performance was not as strong, though, and he has since been out of the spotlight. Søren Rasted was a judge on the Danish version of Pop Idol, and would later begin work on the Lazyboy project, releasing "Underpants Go On The Inside" in January 2005 and making #5 in Australia. Claus Norréen would be the quietest of the former members, remixing material for other artists, including Lazyboy's second single "Facts Of Life" under the Danny Red alias.

*''Aquarium'' (1997)
*''Aquarius'' (2000)
Hit Singles

*''Itzy Bitsy Spider'' (1995)
*''Barbie Girl'' (1997)
*''Doctor Jones'' (1998)
*''Turn Back Time'' (1998)
*''Good Morning Sunshine'' (1998)
*''Cartoon Heroes'' (2000)
*''Around The World'' (2000)

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Luv Aqua | Reviewer: | 12/16/12

Heyyyy Aqua!!!! i luv u nd ur voice nd songs nd mosttttly ur hair style...its awesome nd sooo the way,,, i luv ur all song but BARBIE GIRL nd RED ROSE the mosttttt........ <3 <3 <3

Viva Aqua | Reviewer: Dana | 5/29/10

I loved Aqua when I was as small as 6/7 and until now I still listen to their music. Their music always made me feel like I was queen of my own kingdom and that I was special and glamorous.

I WOULD turn back time just to see the band and till them how much their music meant to me.

I LOVE YOU:} | Reviewer: jasmine | 3/18/10

i love you guys so much i would get off my buss fun home throw my back pack and go on and watch all your songs over and over and over i have a crush on rene so much i wish i would marrie him but lene is cuite too you all are awesome so plz get back toegther plz im am only 11 now but you are the best band ever love all you

great sound | Reviewer: trishann | 3/4/08

I downloaded most of their songs and I am also in agreement with the rest of the audience... they have a wonderful sound,wonderfully comical and very innovative. It would be great if they at least joined just for a reunion concert....who knows maybe somewhere down the road they will consider it.

old women | Reviewer: mary | 1/13/08

I was tuned into your music by my grandchildren. I especially like "candyman". well for an old lady, that is saying a lot. thank you.

AQUA ROX!!!!! | Reviewer: Madi | 11/16/07

OMG i love Aqua so much i have listen to them ever since i was 4 and now 10 years later sill love them!!!and always will!!!

omg omg I love aqua! | Reviewer: A girl | 10/31/07

I like listen 2 them all the time i love them so much! If they join i am gonna freak! AHHH SO HAPPY!!




Aqua is really great! | Reviewer: Rin | 10/30/07

They're my fave band next to Cascada. The only song I haven't heard by them is Itzy Bitzy Spider. And I have both CDs. I know the words to all of their songs (except Itzy Bitzy Spider). Freaky Friday, things ain't going my way. Everything is gone, my life is a country song.

Thay are the best!!! | Reviewer: Clara | 10/27/07

Hello! I'm a girl from Argentina and I've heard something that surprised me: Aqua will be joined again in 2008!!! (sorry, my english is terrible)

Thay are the best!!! | Reviewer: Clara | 10/27/07

Hello! I'm a girl from Argentina and I've heard something that surprised me: Aqua will be joined again!!! (sorry, my english is terrible)

aqua rocks.......... | Reviewer: yorch | 9/24/07

i'm a boy from mexico... i really love'em (aqua, of course), their music is really good, fresh and innovative... since the first time i heard i liked'em, really liked'em... it's so painful that they have decided separing... well... that's all folks...

they are so creative | Reviewer: ali | 8/24/07

i am a boy from Iran.i used to listen to their songs when i was only a child(i was only 12)but i lost their cd.and now that i am 18 one night i dreamt of them and the day after that night i found the cd and again i listen to it.i love the song ROSES ARE RED,Dr jones,Boys and Girls,Barbie girl and in one word i love all of their songs.i heard they have broken up is it correct????? please answer me

Awesome Artists to go with Awesome Music | Reviewer: Mogan | 7/27/07

Aqua is a very creative band with alot of good hits. I love the Song Cartoon Heroes it rocks. Even though Aqua broke up I love everyone in the band's music.

I love them. | Reviewer: Rene' | 6/8/07

They sing like, a LOT of my favorite songs. i think u need the lyrics 2 candy man on here, because that is my new favorite song. We need more bands this creative and awesome.


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