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Massive in approach and epic in scope, THE APPLESEED CAST
present a vast new soundscape called LOW LEVEL OWL. Nearly
two hours in total length, twenty-six beautifully
orchestrated songs appear on two separately released
volumes of lush melody, expertly paced dynamics and
blossoming atmospherics. Each song nearly explodes at the
seams, overflowing with symphonics, crescendos and swells
of feedback and electronics that appear and disappear with
little warning. Both tender and ferocious in intensity, LOW
LEVEL OWL lives and breathes on More...

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Reviews about Appleseed Cast songs

a dreamland of my own | Reviewer: roly
    ------ About the song Dreamland performed by Appleseed Cast

dreamland a song of its own. No other have i heard that makes me think of my own dreams and actually got me to where I am now... "Dont fall down". a lyric that many should keep in there hearts and have a state of mind the same way....

Appleseed Cast | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fight Song performed by Appleseed Cast

I wanted to name a band of mine "The Appleseed Cast", but I looked and found out that the name was taken. I checked them out and fell in love with them! I thought, "They can keep the name...hands down!".

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