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Appleseed Cast Biography

Last updated: 12/24/2008

Massive in approach and epic in scope, THE APPLESEED CAST present a vast new soundscape called LOW LEVEL OWL. Nearly two hours in total length, twenty-six beautifully orchestrated songs appear on two separately released volumes of lush melody, expertly paced dynamics and blossoming atmospherics. Each song nearly explodes at the seams, overflowing with symphonics, crescendos and swells of feedback and electronics that appear and disappear with little warning. Both tender and ferocious in intensity, LOW LEVEL OWL lives and breathes on its own. There are no breaks between songs. Volume II commences where Volume I releases...the cinematic ending to View Of A Burning City. Each song fits precisely, one sliding into the next, slowly building waves of guitars and drums that ultimately crest, bursting into the shimmering tears of honest men.

THE APPLESEED CAST give way to a more courageous exploration of sound and texture on LOW LEVEL OWL, striding beyond a mere refinement of the sounds that crystallized on previous releases. Experimenting with loops, echoes, instrumentation, inverting tape and changing speeds, THE APPLESEED CAST discover the sonic possibilities...the masterpiece in every measure. There is a lot of blood, sweat and "what if we try this" on LOW LEVEL OWL, not to mention important lessons learned in previous studio sessions, nearly a dozen US national tours and two feverishly attended tours of Europe. LOW LEVEL OWL succeeds not only through the brilliance of its creation, but also because it shows a band evolving, growing and changing...a band building upon a voice they can call their own. Unquestionably at the peak of their game, the romantic artist in THE APPLESEED CAST shines more brightly than ever before. Music like this is neither calculated nor deliberate. It just happens. It just exists. This is the music to dream to.

Ominous, powerful and magnetizing like the sea, MARE VITALIS is unlike anything you've heard. Wholly original though unmistakably THE APPLESEED CAST, the title (Latin for "Sea Life") speaks volumes about this undertaking. Dreamy and charming, MARE VITALIS flows from a tide of moody energy with incredible guitar tones that sweep around precise, intricate rhythms. Opening with a dark prelude "The Immortal Soul of Mundo Cani" (imagine yourself on a rundown fishing dock with an weary, aged sailor who mumbles incoherently as he stares into the brisk night sky) and then switching direction to take flight with the stunning "Fishing The Sky."

The record advances in this manner - embracing the listener in it's wake. You'll soon be shouting "flow, tide, ebb, road, night, sky, sand, home" every time you hear "Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets." Each song is exceptional, but it would be criminal not to mention the beautiful, prophetic finale "Storms." Described by band members as "the album that wrote itself," fans have had little problem describing this record as post-hardcore perfection. If you've been waiting all your life for a sign, this is it. Enough cannot be said.

THE APPLESEED CAST's debut THE END OF THE RING WARS is a moving tale about tragic loss and the battle to overcome the sorrow that lingers on. THE END OF THE RING WARS glows with intricate guitar work, precision drumming and stirring use of saxophone and piano. And the lyrics...imagine baring a soul's tender wounds as a reminder of what came before the healing. It's the genuine sincerity through which this healing is conveyed in THE APPLESEED CAST's music that invokes a connection with the listener and make hearts soar. THE END OF THE RING WARS is an odyssey - a journey that transcends the normal boundaries between artist and audience.

It provides entry into a world of great inner pain - a place we've all been, but a place most would rather hide from than confront. But as Christopher Crisci instructs "take a more step...balance now...there's no denying what you are." It's this confrontation with reality and perhaps Crisci's stubborn curiosity with "what might have been" that creates the channel of raw emotion - front and center, unabashed and naked - through which THE APPLESEED CAST connects with its audience. Listen and cry. Listen and wince. Just listen...and peel.

HUNDRED HANDS, a side project including Aaron and Christopher of THE APPLESEED CAST plus producer Ed Rose, has a new CD EP called Little Eyes which is available now on Deep Elm.

Based in Lawrence, Kansas, THE APPLESEED CAST is Christopher Crisci (vocals, guitar), Aaron Pillar (guitar, vocals), Marc Young (bass) and Josh 'Cobra' Baruth (drums). Jordan Geiger (keyboards, samples, noise generation) tours with the band. Both volumes of LOW LEVEL OWL and MARE VITALIS were recorded by Ed Rose (Coalesce, Get Up Kids, Casket Lottery) at Red House Recording in Eudora, KS. Ed Rose also appears on several tracks of LOW LEVEL OWL. THE END OF THE RING WARS was mixed by John Agnello (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Camber) at Stuart's Place in NYC. Past members include Louie Ruiz (drums) and Jason Wickersheim (bass). The band has a 7-inch on Tan Bur Records (Sweden) as well as a split EP with Race Car Riot and Planes Mistaken for Stars on Deep Elm.

APPLESEED CAST first appeared on Deep Elm's "A Million Miles Away: The Emo Diaries, Chapter Two" with an unreleased song "Max." Forget the old cliche about wearing your heart on your sleeve, THE APPLESEED CAST delves layers below that. Driving yet gentle, intimate yet aggressive, dynamic and complex, their records are not merely collections of songs - but stories that unfold to reveal timeless inspiration with each listen.