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Blink-182 Apple Shampoo Lyrics

Last updated: 12/11/2011 10:00:00 AM

She didn't mean to deceive you, believe me
But sometimes the hardest part is conceiving

The good intentions that you had
Now only came to this
And although she saw the mark
The arrow missed

It isn't exciting reciting the stories
Of kind words turned hurting when routine gets boring

Both getting tired of punk rock clubs
And both playing in punk rock bands
The start was something good
But some good things must end

And she said, "It could never survive
With such differing lives
One home, one out on tour again

We may never come back
The strike of a match
The candle's buring at both ends."

And now she knows too much
And I'm too fucked up
It's awkward trying to make my move

I'll pretend that I'm fine
Show up right on time
But I know I'll never be that cool

I never wanted to hold you back
I just wanted to hold on
But my chance is gone

I know
just where
I stand
a boy
Trapped in the body of a man and

I'll take what you're willing to give
And I'll teach myself to live
With a walk-on part of a background shot
From a movie I'm not in

She's so important
And I'm so retarded

And now I realize
I should have kissed you in L.A.
But I drove home all alone
As if I had a choice, anyway

Where are you coming from?
What are you running from?
Is it so hard to see?

And if you're feeling scared
Remember the time we shared
You know it meant everything (everything)
You know that it meant everything to me

You know that it meant everything to me

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apple shampoo. | Reviewer: blank. | 11/16/2008

i think this song is amazing. and the lyrics are a lot deeper than they seem in the song.. i believe that it's about a girl one of blink were with, though i'm sure they'd all be able to relate. and it was their love of punk rock music the two of them shared that brought them together. but now that they're fulfilling their dreams, the things they loved about each other in the beginning have dissapered and they can't remember why they were in love in the first place. though after it's ended those things are the things they miss, such as the apple shampoo. but with them rarely being together, and not being able to be happy when they are together caused the best thing for them to do was end it. i love it. it shows the harsh reality of real life, and that rockstars feel things too. at the moment; my favourite song.

Apple Shampoo | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/12/2008

Mark said in an interview once that the song was about Elyse Rogers from Dance Hall Crashers... The song's about how hard it is to admit your feelings for someone, and getting hung up on little details about the other person, down to the way their hair smells... and I guess also about how hard it is for musicians to maintain relationships.

Apple Shampoo | Reviewer: Apple Shampoo | 1/25/2008

It's about a girl Mark really liked, and he's sad because he never did anything about it. and the girl's hair smelled like apple shampoo.

this is mark's favorite song

Apple Shampoo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/2007

yea, Blink says it is about a girl, but it has mixed lyrics. The lyrics foreshadow that sometime in the future Blink 182 will come to an end, it wouldn't be a good ending but an ending that makes many feel sad.

it has some mixed messages. | Reviewer: Rachel | 10/2/2007

i think it means that he's never going to be "cool" enough for this girl and she knows hes into her and he just can't bring himself to do anything about it.

This is a mixed emo song | Reviewer: Abilene Rodriguez | 9/3/2007

This song is so funny, but I can seem to figure out what it' overall message is. anyone out there know?