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I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around and say..

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
(But that's nothing new)
Yeah yeah

I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue
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And you say
Sorry like the Angel Heaven let me think was you,
But I'm afraid

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
Woahooo woah

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah

I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground...

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APOLOGIZE.... | Reviewer: RISHI | 10/29/13

Dea..., i konw itz not too late to apologize me, but i know i can never be yours cuz we cheated each other... you got one perfect boyfriend other than me and i too got sum1 else bt still the place in my heart is empty..... only thing that i want 4m you is apologize, vil you.....!!!!???

forgive me | Reviewer: keshav tiwari | 10/3/13

this song remind me n my love.....
i always miss her at day n night.....
when i look at sky,i saw her face but i had no choice to left her.....im suffering frm cancer, i don't want make her life dead with me.......so my love pls forgive me

Its gone and will never come back | Reviewer: Amandeep | 9/10/13

i think one of the most amazing days together.. i loved this guy alot.. he LOVED me too but couldnt stand me cuz he thought i was too stupid, dumb, LAME.. idk what and he dumped me.. it happened a couple of times wen i took him back but this time it wont work.. cuz i still love him but he is HAPPY off with someone else and i am happy to see hi HAPPY. for my part i loved him.. idk if he did or was just playing around. :'(

Its not too late to apologizzze | Reviewer: Sheena Ghosh | 9/7/13

I love dis sng coz its realy a hrt touchng sng...whn i met mah boy i strtd luvng him nd i thot dat he also luv me...we strtd datng..nd one day i realzd dat he didnt luv me...thn we brk up bt one day he cm nd said m sry 4 al dat i hv done wid u nd i also strtd luvng u a lot nd i cnt live widout u plz 4gv me..thn i 4gv him nd nw we r togthr...:-*

I cant wait her apologize | Reviewer: Abdul | 7/12/13

She was my first girl to fall in love bt she always turn me out ver fierce,i do a lot to prove my love to her bt it was stil useless. I even travelled long mails to met her and greeted bt she always feel bored of me. Am tired and I told her its OVER btn me and her and she is now apologizing...should I say its too late?I'm holding on her rope &
Got me ten feet off the ground.....

it's not too late | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/13

I love him even more than i love myself. Every tym i try 2 4get abt him, it comes bact 2 moi. I really never thought i'd fall in love; the way he makes me feel; the way he talks 2 me. I never thought i'd find some1 4 me. We've been 2gether since primary till now. I so love this song...reminds me of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apologize me baby......... | Reviewer: megha | 2/27/13

i love this song.. mah fav.......... song, this songs always remind of the guy ...who loved me alot, but i never returned dat love back.. but when i again got a chance to do that .....

second time also i hurted me....
i know u willl not apologize me . but m very sorry. but theirs problem with me .......
i love you baby........... from my heart, but the thing is that i jst dont know to show that......... like you..... :(

Won't 4give u | Reviewer: Slim | 1/15/13

This song tells the same thing as my heart. Sarju , we broke the we were again together, but u dated sm1 in front of me n told him that i was nthng. I think even u cm bk to apologize, i think it's late. I wn't cm bk bye3 4evr

Broken heart..... | Reviewer: srinivas noothi | 10/29/12

I love this song i ll listen this song 10-15 times a day . . If i listen this song i ll remember my love i loved her more than me n she s the one who broke my heart n to be frank i still love her if she cums n ask apologize i think i ll forgive her. . . If i listen i ll remember her voice n her eyes. . Love u my sweetheart. .

BROKEN HEART | Reviewer: srinivas noothi | 10/30/12

This is my favorate song i love this song.... when ever i think of my love i will listen r i ll sing this song.... minimum 10 to 15 times in a day i ll listen this song... love u my sweetheart ..... u have broked my heart but i am still safeguarding it like a baby.....

a real song to join broken hearts | Reviewer: Dipesh | 8/26/12

It has been one of my best song which i mostly use to sing whenever i think of my love....and it is the song which i played in ma house when she first came to ma house......its just awesme

the song that makes me love her. The heart maker. | Reviewer: evaristus sail | 5/21/12

i love this song. When ever i play the track i feel so much love for isabellar finebone, i love her so much, she's the one to say - that was ma first date, bt she's more than thousands in me, i hear the song, n play it the day we spend together. Bellar is not too late to Apologise. Am holding on the rope come lets move ten feet off the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this | Reviewer: NAGESH | 4/19/12

I love this Bcoz i really love my friend.i recollect the past Wich We spent together.i love my friend in such a way tat if she tel me to marry a prostitute also i'l marry her.but she won't tell.

Chi....chi bird | Reviewer: Adong | 2/26/12

I love dis song coz it mkes me recollct al da past momnts dt i hve vt er...v spnt momnts n hrs n second in n insane world....dt ws da swetst n mst chrishable memriz i hd of er aftr two yer v partd...it ws mi fault, i d8nt saw er tru lov dt c hd 4me n so i chetd vt er.....i ws vt a anotr gal wen c knew abt dt, c brok dwn er tears n2 mi arms n syd "u wer my frst,i wept 4u evry dae n nite wen i d8nt saw u evn 4 a sec"... At dat tym i realise da lov dt c hve 4me...i wnt on syng 4sry..bt ws too lte c olredy lft er plce...tl 2dy i dnt knw wer c s...m stll vt a brokn hrt...

I kno its too late | Reviewer: Hope kaguwa | 12/4/11

U were d 1 who introduced me in tru lov field.i gev u my trst,heart,n evethn u askd.but i faild to say sory coz up to now i dnt kno what kind of blander i dd.its now a year n months since u decided 2 leave me in such painful maner.i'v tryd to 4get bt am failng.i try 2luk 4 othrs,am failing oso. Ofcourse i dnt kno what i wrngd u, I'V TO APOLOGIZE...though i kno ts too late.

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