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Salem Aphrodite's Tears Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2012 10:00:00 AM

Tender moments are a test to step
Lively through this dark divide
Falling over ourselves,
I kiss the ground 'till the pain subsides
Staggering and stammered are these words,
Do we so speak loud enough to make sure we're heard?
The truth and the meaning are corrupt and deceiving from spite
And we've yet to determine who's right

I'm trying - Screaming at the walls she's crying!
The tainted wings of a saint are hard to mend
Under the veil of this evening's pretense

Exact you bitterness and lay me out
On your bed of nails
Because the harder we try and the harder we push
Is the way that we fail
I've opened up my veins of thruth to you
Strafe the scars and the pain, now they're cut like new
Your trust is wanning
Caught in the rain and the blood is streaming


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HaQyosqiJS | Reviewer: Zeynep | 2/26/12

You're right, Carrie. Not eungoh has been made of the healing powers of laughter. And now we can add beans to the things that make us laugh.Not eungoh has been made of the hot gift of soup, either, but there you have it.At truly difficult times of my life I haven't started crying for fear I could never stop. Just food for thought.