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Elvis Presley Anyway You Want Me Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2013 10:43:43 AM

(Words & music: Aaron Schroeder / Cliff Owens)

I’ll be as strong as a mountain,
Or weak as a willow tree,
Anyway you want me,
Well that’s how I will be.

I’ll be as tame as a baby,
Or wild as the raging sea,
Anyway you want me,
Well that’s how I will be.

In your hands my heart is clay,
To take and hold as you may.
I’m what you make me, you’ve only to take me,
And in your arms I will stay.

I’ll be a fool or a wise man,
My darling you hold the key,
Yes, anyway you want me,
Well that’s how I will be,
I will be.

Recorded: 1956/07/02, first released on single

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perfection is reached | Reviewer: Sandra Skeer. | 6/13/13

This is a mezmorising lyric and evokes calm beautiful tenderness in love and what it means to be in love, perfection is reached here with Elvis presley,s tone and expression, he leaves us wanting more, long after the song is sung you are transported to a magical place.This rendition will never be equalled.