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Psychopathic Records, the axe wielding label that's been
bringing audiences the finest in hardcore rap entertainment
since 1992, is unleashing a new brand of terror upon the
world. Coming down from the heavens to the ghettos of
Detroit to your CD player is ABK, with his debut release
"Hatchet Warrior". You may need to smoke a pound of green
and turn the lights down low when you hear the album,
otherwise you may feel like putting a hatchet in someone's
back when the music is over.

ABK has slowly been making a name for himself, More...

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Reviews about Anybody Killa songs

ay myn Im really diggin the Style | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 2 Whom This May Concern performed by Anybody Killa

Its some tight Swagg myn. so was most of this stuff from real life experience . I was juss wandering ya know myn from . one artist to another every one got a unique stlye . that sets them apart from the rest.

correction | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hey Yall performed by Anybody Killa

at the beginning before the first chorus pops in it goes Believe what you want, even if it's a life of sin
it should be believe what you feel, even if its a life of sin just sayin MMFRCL ABK

-Al 2 Dope AKA juggALo

nice but one mistake | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gang Related performed by Anybody Killa

in the part "if i see you with a hatchet man" it is really "are you with the hatchetman (yea) You in a gang, and your ass better be ready to do that thang"

come and play witth me.... | Reviewer: jason yellow
    ------ About the song Come Out To Play performed by Anybody Killa

Yo this my fav. song \\\\and the haterz keep it up ,,,,,,, cuz we love YOU.. we will alwayz be here until ************we all gonna die! but I'm not goin' fry! even though most never try! I'm not gonna let theze past me by.********
]]]]]]Right juggalos who know[[[[[[[[
I'm a native born with a hatchet in hand

I love this song. | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Ghetto Neighbor performed by Anybody Killa

This song is fuckin awesome. Who wants to be my ghetto neighbor?

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