Anybody Killa Albums

  • Dirty History Album
    Intro (Dirty History)
    Bombs On You
    Stick And Move
    Down Here (featuring Violent J)
    Gimme Ah Beat
    Party At The Liquor Store (featuring Colton Grundy)
    Hey Yall
    Retalliate (featuring Twiztid)
    Trees And Woods
    Nevehoe (featuring Shaggy 2 Dope)
    Laugh At You
    It's Doesn't Matta (featuring Colton Grundy)
    Oh No
    Charlie Brown (featuring Violent J)
    Put My Life On It
    Can't Help It
    2 Whom This May Concern

  • Hatchet Warrior Album (4/8/2003)
    Close Call
    Kill Me
    Sticky Icky Situation
    Ya Neden's Haunted
    Ghetto Neighbor
    Come Out To Play
    Hated Me
    While You Were Sleeping
    If You Don't Know
    Foo Dang
    Gang Related
    In The City

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