Anvil Albums

  • Plenty of Power Album (4/3/2001)
    Plenty of Power
    Groove Science
    Ball of Fire
    The Creep
    Computer Drone
    Beat the Law
    Pro Wrestling
    Siren of the Sea
    Real Metal
    Left Behind

  • Speed Of Sound Album (3/7/1998)
    Speed Of Sound
    Blood In The Playground
    Deadbeat Dad
    Man Over Broad
    No Evil
    Mattress Mambo
    Secret Agent
    Life To Lead
    Park That Truck

  • Absolutely No Alternative Album (3/7/1997)
    Old School
    Green Jesus
    Show Me Your Tits
    No One To Follow
    Hair Pie
    Piss Test
    Red Light
    Black Or White
    Hero By Death
    March Of The Crabs '97

  • Plugged In Permanent Album (3/7/1996)
    Racial Hostility
    Doctor Kevorkian
    Smokin' Green
    Destined For Doom
    Killer Hill
    Face Pull
    I'm Trying To Sleep
    Five Knuckle Shuffle
    Truth Or Consequence

  • Worth The Weight Album (3/7/1991)
  • Pound For Pound Album (3/7/1988)
  • Strength Of Steel Album (3/1/1987)
  • Backwaxed Album (3/7/1985)
  • Forged In Fire Album (3/7/1983)
  • Metal On Metal Album (3/7/1982)
  • Hard'n'Heavy Album (3/7/1981)

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