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Antithesis Biography

Last updated: 07/03/2013 07:39:14 PM


Antithesis was formed summer '97 in Cleveland, Ohio, by the two talented guitarists Sean Perry and Paul Konjicija, who met through an ad for wanted musicians. Before this Paul was playing with the local band Ritual, who three years earlier released an album on Massacre Records. Rooted in thrashy power metal, Paul together with Sean now found it time to move on and seek new inspiration, and by teaming up with bassist James Lewis, the threesome commenced on writing the highly original material that today is the basis of Antithesis. A perfect vocalist was found in Ty Cook, and together with drummer Paul "Krusty" Kostyack, who himself had played together with guitarist Paul earlier on, the lineup of Antithesis was completed. With an impressive musical background, (combined 40+ years), the material the five guys were able to come up with, of course was nothing short of outstanding. December '98 saw the completion of the self-titled full-length debut - produced by the band itself, recorded by Ed Tomecko at Audio Works Studios and mastered by David Yost at MasterPiece Studios - "Antithesis" is the perfect statement of heavy metal.


The first version of the debut album hit the streets in spring 1999, which was a really happening thing for the band - not only did they team up with Danish based Intromental Management, but also did a good deal of live gigs in and around their local area. During this time of turmoil Paul Konjicija left the band due to personal reasons, and Antithesis decided to re-record the whole "Antithesis" album with another guitarist, Tom Guignette. The "new" version of the album was released by IMP (Intromental Music Productions) in December 1999, and brought great response from both distributors and fans all over the World.


In March 2000 Paul Konjicija rejoined the band, and they started on writing new explosive songs for the next album. In August 2000 the band played the prestigious POWERMAD FESTIVAL in Baltimore, Maryland for the second year in a row - an honour not many bands get to experience. With the lineup almost consistent since February '98, and the awesome debutalbum released twice to great feedback from media, fans etc., Antithesis today is one of the frontrunners on the American power metal scene. - a status they confirmed yet again with the release of the second album "Dying For Life", as well as multiple live shows throughout the USA.


During the winter of 2001 the band signed a deal with American record label Nightmare Records for the release of "Dying For Life" in the USA, which hit the streets in April 2001. The album was this time recorded and produced by the band themselves together with engineer Bill Korecky at Mars studios - ensuring it a high quality and extremely powerful sound. In Europe the album was released by the well-known metal label Massacre Records on August 20th 2001. The European version have, besides different artwork, also a different mix, a different bonus-track as well as a different song-order than the US version. For the US version the artwork was done by a close friend of the band, Ivan Meszaros, who decided to go for a fantasy-like cartoon-painted approach. The artwork for the European version however, was totally recreated by famous artist Mattias Norén, (, who have gone for the more dark-minded computer-illustrated style. The band received awesome response during the fall of 2001 from the European media, with lots of reviews and a good deal of interviews. You can of course find some of them elsewhere on these pages. In the spring of 2002 the band however decided to part ways with vocalist Ty Cook, and the search for a replacement is now ongoing while the band is concentrating on writing material for the next opus, which is scheduled for recording in winter 2002/2003.