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The Damned Antipope Lyrics

Last updated: 04/28/2011 12:00:00 PM

Hello Keith...


I’m going back to church tonight
Take me back when I was eight
But I don’t mean to pray
I’m gonna nick the collection plate

I’ve got nothing against church
Or the people who go there and show they're
Plain ignorant and don’t understand
A congregation at weekends won’t change their behaviour
So many people are weak enough
To have to seek answers from peddlers of hope
I should know I used to go there myself
Until the day I became antipope

There’s gonna be some fun tonight
We're spreading news around the town
That the vicars' a transvestite
With a fetish for robes and gowns


Religion doesn’t mean a thing
Its just another way of being right wing
I think sex films are okay
I don’t dig that pope no way

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