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You built me up with your wishing hell
I didn't have to sell you
You threw your money in the pissing well
You do just what they tell you

REPENT, that's what I'm talking about
I shed the skin to feed the fake
REPENT, that's what I'm talking about
Whose mistake am I anyway?

Cut the head off
Grows back hard
I am the hydra
Now you'll see your star

[Prick your finger it is done
The moon has now eclipsed the sun
The angel has spread its wings
The time has come for bitter things] x2

REPENT, that's what I'm talking about
I shed the skin to feed the fake
REPENT, that's what I'm talking about
Whose mistake am I anyway?

[The time has come it is quite clear
Our Antichrist
Is almost here...] x3

Cut the head off
Grows back hard
I am the hydra
Now you'll see your star

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Maybe that's not the way as we think it is | Reviewer: W. S. | 6/19/13

I don't think this song tends to be of any anti-religious or anti-ethnical genre. That song has a very deep meaning and I don't find it of any satanic or sarcastic way. I don't really know the intention behind Manson's litera and melody, but he tries well to show the outrageousness of the society that of we're depicted. People are getting negative views on that... Let's leave him alone...

LOL@YOU | Reviewer: SYNTH3T1K | 8/21/11

Manson is awesome when it come to music even though he is just an image to follow. Lyrically amazing yes poetic. If you dont find it that way then why are you posting on this page? Oh right your just a lil troll. Also manson doesnt worship satan just so you kno. The religious background of his music isnt hail satan its just used as expression to a deeper meaning. You have to be able to look passed the obvious and get passed the spoon fed bullshit to see it.

MY first Marilyn Manson | Reviewer: KeLLy | 6/7/11

this is the first MM song I listened and I was like addicted to it even though I'm more a new age type gal LOL. this song lyric doesnt sound satanic or tell people to better be antichrist. MM just protested the society hipocrisy who hides in the name of God and religions.

Maverick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/11

Well, Jacques Duguay... that was a very Unchristian thing to say huh? And that is all I will say about your words.

Marilyn Manson... is a genius. He is a poet. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing. Everything he does, he does deliberately and with purpose. Welcome to America and welcome to the 21st century, where people are allowed to speak their minds and where the teachings of the Bronze Age no longer apply.

He is not a Satanist. If anything, he is an atheist. He is simply voicing his frustrations with religion, with politics, with society in general.

Frankly, we need more people like Manson. Fuck conformity and fuck "the man."

Seriously. | Reviewer: Little Miss | 1/20/11

Religion can go get fucked seeing as society can fuck itself.

Besides, the religions that are built upon The Bible are extremely sexist and quite backwards for the 21st century. Religions are also one of the things in this world that fade and become forgotten over time.

Marilyn Manson is a songwriter, singer, performer and holds a brilliant light to society that casts shadows most of you are unfamiliar with. And alas, you grow scared of said shadows and reject what he is doing.

Marilyn Manson will always be one who shows the underbelly of society. Accept it - not your ignorance.

Feeble - Minded Sheep. | Reviewer: David von Moger | 1/10/11

The Majority dislikes or points to that which stands out from the crowd doesn't it? And it seems understanding is the last phase of the actual process. In any case, Manson's more popular (and if it matters, richer) then you will ever be. THAT is fact, the 'shit' you talk about is still only opinion, and given what i have said, he's obviously far from PETTY shit. He's considered a creative the genius, the same kind which gave birth to anything in the creative arts (which you would be SURPRISED what that covers)So talking thoughtless crap like what you say wont ever take you as far as him. Thank god for people like him otherwise we would all be a bit like YOU. His experiences as a rock star are beyond very likely to be your comprehension.

My opinion | Reviewer: Slick | 12/20/10

Jaqcues Daquay your comment is so stupid im not even gonna boder to write about it. The guy sings well, has the same opinion about religion and society as me and im a BIG fan of him. For everyone who is like "I love Jesus" and "You will go to hell for this" I do not agree with you but I don't think this comment will change your opinion and i am not going to try to. At least you aren't speaking shit like Jaqcues Daquay.Have a nice day (or night) and enjoy the music!

ugh, christians | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/10

i like the concept of jesus, its just that i hate the people who abuse the idea of jesus and this "god the lord almighty" you talk about so much. and you dont have a choice its your instincts telling you that in order to feel strong you need the help of someone much, much stronger than anyone else you know. it lets you hate on anyone and anything, and its ok because if ignorant athiests like me contest to that we will feel the pain of a thousand deaths. as we deserve.

dont judge what you dont know | Reviewer: mikey | 6/21/10

You people are so stupid first of all this song and album are not about the antichrist and how they (the band) want the antichrist to come. Its about people being their own god and doing what they want to do not what society wants you to do. Ok yes manson is a reverend of the church of satan but no they do not worship the devil it is more of a Spiritual thing then i created the world so worship me. Many of the things Marilyn Manson belives are christian but he does not like the way people abuse religion to justify their hatred to what they dont know. And yes manson may be a freak but because of christanity the way he was worped and twisted by it the way the said he cant do the things he wants to because not everyone would like it. Listen to the entire album and read the lyrics for what they are and look at interviews and read up on him dont ever judge what you dont know and dont understand.

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST | Reviewer: Gina Romano | 6/11/10

I am so glad I am a follower of Jesus Christ in these dark times when people are awaiting the antichrist to offer them what Christ so willingly gave to all of us when he died on the cross. Artifical and topical is what the Antichrist is and will be; promising things if we follow him. Christ offered me freedom to choose and I am going to stay with him until the end!

!!DUM!!! read serios | Reviewer: Zuleyka | 4/9/10

i am such i crazy fan sow what!! he only do it for fame OK sow why he get even more famous,,(: when he trow this album (Antichrist Superstar) OMG he get bigger den ever!!!!! he is not satanic sow stop OMG he is just i work of art sow what are u jugging people go to yotube see videos of is personal life that someone post on there but i bet your not going to sow im wasting my time lol biie!!

This guy... is complete shit | Reviewer: Jacques Duguay | 3/13/10

His brain must be fucked up since long ago, he is not a poet, he is a piece of shit who smells shit, eat shit and live like shit and also praise shit. So what more to say? His favorite movie clip must be 2 girls 1 cup, looking at it must make him hungry, patience Marilyn, you'll get to hell soon enough, there, you'll have all the shit you want, mouthful for eternity... :(

What i say | Reviewer: Brian Cerna | 3/3/10

in this song i'll agree its like he's trying to hypnotize people to be an antichrist. But what i think is that he's trying to turn into what people are afraid of. When he was little people kept telling him that the world was ending and the antichrist was coming. so in his adults years he got fed up with it and decided to become what people feared the most.

Oh my. | Reviewer: Lance | 1/24/10

Well just my opinion it sounds more over the ritual to become a Satanist, personally the ritual for the Spiritual satanist requires you to prick yer left hand index finger and write your name in blood.

Also "Nazi Symbolism | Reviewer: Zenu | 1/9/08"

The Satanic Lightning Bolt is the life force- the bioelectricity. All point down symbols in Satanism represent energy from above descending and giving life to, and empowering the human soul.

Response to Nazi Symbolism | Reviewer: Zenu | 1/9/2008 | Reviewer: RedAthena1919 | 5/20/09

He may haved a similar ideological basis to Nazis, but he takes it in a whole different direction. This whole thing, all the symbolism and allusions, is satirical. Manson is no Fascist, and certainly not a Nazi.

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